What I Include In My Morning Routine To Make The Most Of My Day

What I Include In My Morning Routine To Make The Most Of My Day


My morning routine for productivity has become an essential part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

I used to wake up, and before I even opened up my eyes, I was blindly reaching for my phone so I could lie in bed for about 30 minutes, scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, and checking my email…sound familiar?

I was starting my day peering into the lives of other people, and I allowed that to take me away from my own goals and the present moment. Instead of being mindful about what I would wear and what I would have for breakfast that day, I was seeing what everyone else had, and starting my day with the feeling of lack.

This habit consistently led to me rushing out of the door, coffee in hand, feeling down about how I looked, how I felt, and how late I was running to work.

Creating and implementing my morning routine has transformed my of day, increased my productivity, and helped me crush my goals.

My Morning Routine Starts Early

The thought of waking up early makes me want to…well…jump back into bed. But I find, once I’m up and out of bed, I have the highest amount of creativity, and the best frame of mind first thing in the morning.

When I wake up early, I like to head over to the gym. There’s just something about getting my reps in while everyone else is still sleeping that gets me super motivated.

On my walk back home as I’m watching the sun rising, the feel-good endorphins are flowing, and I know it’s going to be an amazing day.

My Morning Movement Routine

Even if I can’t make it to the gym at the crack of dawn, there’s no reason not to get moving in the morning and take some me-time. I like to hop out of bed and do a quick stretch loosening up my back and shoulders, or sometimes I’ll do a yoga flow. Just like our pets who like to do a stretch when they wake up, this is instinctual, and we should be no different.

Another great way to get energized and positive in the morning is to practice meditation. Even if we don’t go into a deep meditative trance, we can still take five minutes for stillness to get connected and feel gratitude for what we already have.

Positive Self-Talk is an Essential Part of My Morning Routine

You know that feeling you get when you listen to Beyoncé? I want to feel like that every morning when I get up.


Let’s practice positive self-talk and be kind to ourselves. This means starting the day with a positive morning mantra. I think about the type of person who I want to be, or how I want to feel, and remind myself of how much I already embody these qualities every single day.

A morning mantra can be something along the lines of “I am beautiful, I am confident, and I’m going to absolutely kill it today”.

My Morning Routine Sets My Goals

Starting my day with a never-ending to-do list can be daunting, and let’s be honest, it’s hard to check off every single thing in between our other commitments. But, by setting one big goal or intention for myself every single day, I can be sure that I’m taking steps in the right direction, giving me a feeling accomplished at the end of the day.

I like to set my daily intention in my journal. I write down one major thing I want to accomplish for the day, and I check in on my goals from the previous day to make sure I’m on track.

These small intentions everyday build up quickly, and they’re exactly how I consistently built my company to what it is today.

My Morning Routine Says No to Social Media

The world of click-bait and pictures of Instagrammers with perfect contouring can wait. Not only can social media be a huge time-suck, if not used correctly, it can also contribute to serious issues with self-esteem and confidence.

Remember, social media is everyone else’s highlight reel, so I don’t compare the best part of someone else’s day to the beginning of mine.

I avoid social media until I have completed my morning routine and I limit my time online so I can get back to living in the present.

Turn It All Into A Morning Routine

Big changes — whether it’s my morning routine or a 21-Day Cleanse — don’t happen on a whim, we need to integrate them into our daily lives until they become a habit. That is what separates the 6am gym goers from the ones who hit the snooze button until the last possible minute.

If you want to start transforming your morning routine, start small with one daily habit and sign up for a program that helps you create new morning habits, encourage positive self-talk and increase productivity like the Good Morning Beautiful or the Clean Newsletter.

Written by Reese Evans, founder of Yessupply.