Group Cleanse

Let's Cleanse Together This January

Remove, restore & rejuvenate with group support to help make your Clean 21 program experience as transformative as possible.

Group Cleanse 2023 starts Monday, January 9th, 2023!

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Start your year off right

Align your body and rediscover what feeling good REALLY feels like.

Cleansing at its root is about removing toxins, lowering inflammation in the body, and resetting. But, it can be so much more than that.

Understanding the impact specific foods have on our bodies can be truly life-changing. Let us help you build the foundation for better food and lifestyle decisions to feel your best year-round.

2023 Group Cleanse


Alongside the incredible benefits of Clean 21, you'll get:

Group Support

Private Facebook group to share your recipes, inspire others, and feed off the motivation of the group

Doctor Guidance

Attend a live group Zoom call with Clean founder, Dr. Alejandro Junger

Exclusive Offers

Special giveaways from Clean & partner brands, including 20% off your next cleanse program

What is a group cleanse?

Group Cleanse is the opportunity to go through the experience of our Clean 21 program in a group setting. This provides an additional layer of guidance, structure, group support, and accountability that will help you follow through and achieve transformative results.

Group Cleanse is a unique opportunity because we only offer it once or twice per year in an effort to be closer to our cleansers and support them more thoroughly.

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Brand Partners for Exclusive Group Cleanse Giveaway

2023 Group Cleanse
2023 Group Cleanse
2023 Group Cleanse
2023 Group Cleanse
2023 Group Cleanse
2023 Group Cleanse
2023 Group Cleanse

and more!

Clean 21

Our Signature Cleanse

Clean 21 Program

Clean 21 was designed by Dr. Alejandro Junger to lower inflammation in the body, enhance our detoxification system, and support gut health. The result is vibrancy, a feeling of lightness, mental clarity, and full-body wellness by bringing the body back into balance.

Easy-to-Follow Daily Protocol



Cleanse Shake



Cleanse-Approved Meal

Digestive Enzymes



Cleanse Shake


Berry Smoothie
Salmon Plate
Mango Smoothie
Observe a 12-hour fasting window between dinner and breakfast

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