Clean Group Program

Dive into our transformative 21-day reset alongside a vibrant community of wellness enthusiasts, start your journey together. Available for participation multiple times a year.

Community Powered Transformation

Experience the power of shared transformation and kickstart your Clean 21 full-body reset alongside a dynamic community of wellness devotees beginning their 21-day health reset journey together. Unlike a self-guided Clean 21 experience, our Group Program offers a connected community experience with fellow resetters, our esteemed Health Coaches, and Dr. Junger! Together, we'll ignite inspiration, spark motivation, and propel your path to improved wellbeing.

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Over 50,000 lives transformed with Clean 21

Your Clean 21 Reset Journey Starts Here

At the heart of our Group Program lies Clean 21, a signature full-body reset meticulously crafted by Dr. Alejandro Junger to help remove toxins, restore your body's most naturally optimized systems, and rejuvenate your overall well-being. This isn't just a cleanse; it's a life-changing experience designed to empower you with stackable, sustainable habits and a toolkit you can count on for when life's challenges take us “off-course”.

Group Program: Empower Mind+Body Transformation

Engage with a private Facebook Group community for inspiration, motivation and connection

Live Zoom calls with Dr. Junger and our Wellness Coaches

Bonus digital resources: recipes, goal trackers, meal planners, and daily inspiration emails

Daily journaling prompts to help you set intentions, reflect, and cultivate personal growth

Guided yoga designed to to enhance mind-body alignment during your reset

“I was struggling to get back on track. Clean 21 was the perfect solution. It had structure and support that helped me stay motivated and the meal suggestions were amazing. I was not hungry and by week 2 my stomach was feeling great.”


“Love the group program. It was great to meet Dr Junger on Zoom and hear the why again behind the methodology. It's always a good reset to be fully conscious about our daily practice. Thank you to all the great coaches.”


Community is Immunity

“I know this program works because I'm using it all over the world, witnessing incredible results. Over the past two decades, I've curated and developed effective approaches amidst a sea of overwhelming information. I understand the confusion and frustration people face, the disillusion, disappointment - the quickness to give up.  At the Clean Program, we believe in the strength of community as immunity. When people do things together, they happen.. And they happen better.”

- Dr. Alejandro Junger

Talk to a Health Coach

Book a complimentary 20-minute session with a Clean-certified Health & Wellness Coach, who can help guide you along your health journey and share more about the Clean 21.

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