Connect with a Clean Wellness Coach

A wellness coaching session is a 20-minute phone call appointment with a Clean-Certified Wellness Coach to support you on your unique health journey. You’re invited to book a complimentary session before, during or post-program, or to learn more about Clean’s line of products and supplement offerings.

Book a wellness coaching session if you:

  • Want to learn more about Clean Programs.
  • Are ready to reset and need guidance on which program to start.
  • Want ideas on how to meal prep and organize your clean diet plan.
  • Have questions or concerns during your program.
  • Seek customized supplement suggestions around your personal goals.
  • Want help in reducing your caffeine or sugar intake.
  • Strive to increase your energy and vitality but need ideas on what to do.
  • Want tips to help you sustain your healthy and clean lifestyle.

Our Wellness Coaches are here to help you!

*US & Canada Only

"I love everything about the Clean Program. I used to go on expensive cleansing retreats once a year. I'm happier doing it a couple of times a year at home - and it's more sustainable. Great advice, great products, great lifestyle, great content and support. The Clean Program is a way of life for me now."

Stacey W.

"It was such a worthy investment to jump-start this years health journey! Improved digestion, streamlined my routines, reminded me of my best (forgotten) habits! It's a good program which I also found to be pretty doable, so I plan to repeat mine every 6-12 months, like I've seen other doing. I know it's for a good reason!"

Natalia R.

"Excellent products and superb support system. Thank you for making eating clean delicious and productive without sacrificing good food and taste!"

Mark E.

How is our Wellness Coaching different?


Private session tailored to your individual health goals.

It's Complimentary

Enjoy health and wellness support, at no cost.

Clean-Certified Expertise

Support for resets and every stage of your journey.

Immediate need? Contact support now for:

  • Questions on your current program, including what to eat and the kit protocol.

  • Support from discomfort from program-related symptoms that we can help address and get you on the path to feeling great again.

  • Tips or simple guidance before, during, or after your cleanse program. 

  • Questions on a Clean supplement product of interest.

  • Assistance booking a wellness call with a Health Coach.

Reach us at 888.497.8417 M-F 9a-5p EST or email

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