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A wellness coaching session is a 20-minute phone call with a Clean-Certified Health and Wellness Coach, who will help you along your health journey. You're encouraged to book a complimentary session pre, during, or post cleansing. Our coaches are also available to make personalized supplement regimen recommendations.

Book a wellness coaching session if you:

  • Want to learn more about our cleanse programs.
  • Wonder if our programs are right for you and/or need help deciding which one.
  • Want ideas on how to meal prep and organize your clean diet plan.
  • Need help navigating questions or concerns during your program.
  • Need customized supplement recommendations around your personal goals.
  • Want help reducing your caffeine or sugar intake.
  • Want to increase your energy and vitality but need ideas on what to do.
  • Want tips to help you sustain your healthy and clean lifestyle.

Our Wellness Coaches are here to help you!

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How is our Wellness Coaching different?


Private session tailored to your questions, concerns, and needs


Enjoy our personalized health and wellness support, at no cost

Clean-Certified Expertise

Our coaches have extensive experience supporting our cleanses

No need to wait! Reach out for support by phone or email NOW if you:

  • Purchased your cleanse kit and have cleanse diet questions.
  • Are experiencing discomfort from cleanse-related symptoms that we can help address and get you on the path to feeling great again.
  • Have just a few quick questions, or need tips or guidance before, during, or after your cleanse program.
  • Have questions about a Clean supplement product of interest.
  • Don't see an appointment time that suits you.

Reach us at 888.497.8417 M-F 9a-5p EST or email

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