About Us

Our Beginnings

When our founder, cardiologist Dr. Alejandro Junger, was a young adult undergoing his medical training, he went through what too many people often experience: multiple, seemingly unrelated yet compounding, health issues. He soon found himself in a chaotic state of being over-medicated, unimproved, and totally out of balance with the natural rhythms of his own body.

With an intuition that an undetermined cause lay at the root, he set out on a journey to find a better solution to his myriad of ailments. Eager to find an answer, he cast aside typical boundaries between Eastern versus Western medicine and ancient wisdom versus modern science.

What he learned not only allowed him to regain his health, it promoted a greater sense of vitality than he ever felt before. It was such an illuminating and transformative experience that it inspired him to share what he learned with others and to help establish what has become the clean movement.

Dr. Junger Dr. Alejandro Junger, CLEAN Founder
Our Mission:
To help create achievable long-lasting health using ancient and modern wellness tools.

What Clean is Today

What started as a personal discovery has become a wellness game-changer for countless people yearning for the right tools and methods to dramatically improve their health.

Clean launched in 2009, alongside Dr. Junger's book of the same name. The book quickly became a New York Times Best-Seller, and with its world-wide popularity, has been translated into 26 languages.

As the company that helped pioneer what is now a ubiquitous idea in the world of wellness ("clean eating", "clean living", "clean beauty", etc), we are proud of our legacy.

What We Believe

  • Health is more than the absence of sickness, it's the optimal function of the body's interconnected systems.

  • Food plays an essential and nuanced role in overall wellness.

  • Nature is profoundly intelligent.

  • Modern life bombards us with toxins.

  • Humans are part of a larger ecosystem in the world with which our wellbeing is intimately linked.