What to Expect on the Cleanse

What can one week do? One week can make a huge difference. Clean 7 is a shorter cleanse that is more intense for targeted results. Give us 7 days, and we'll give you a jump start on more radiant health. We've combined science-based Functional Medicine with ancient healing wisdom. Both medical systems recognize the powerful potential of herbs for targeting various health concerns and boosting your health in a significant way.

What is the Cleanse?

Clean 7 involves an easy-to-follow formula of daily Clean shakes, Clean supplements, and Clean whole food recipes to follow. The following three pillars together create a powerful detox effect on the body:

Intermittent Fasting (IF) - the principle of specific times of fasting and eating. Clean 7 maximizes these principles to allow more digestive space using IF at varying intervals throughout the 7-day cleanse period.

Ayurveda - the ancient holistic healing science focusing on all areas of health. It uses herbs, diet, lifestyle, digestion, detoxification, and the mind in balance together to create harmony in the body.

Functional Medicine - the medical practice that determines why illness happens, treating the body as a whole, and utilizing alternative methods and science to get to the root cause of issues.

The Results are Worth It

Increased Energy

Increased Energy Levels

You might think that cutting caffeine and having two liquid meals will leave you dragging. However, properly nourishing your body with our signature shake mix will result in waking up with more energy and a clear mind that will continue throughout your day without any crashing along the way.

Improved Digestion

Improved Digestion

Whether it's bloating, gas, constipation, or IBS, many of us struggle with feeling uncomfortable after meals. The Program changes our relationship with food and our actual digestion of it. Our unique supplements and the Cleanse Diet combine to relieve many forms of digestive distress, resulting in improved digestion and better elimination.

Weight Balance


Ongoing inflammation can actually cause tissue damage and weaken the immune system. From heart disease, Alzheimer's, and rheumatoid arthritis to certain cancers, each of these debilitating conditions is rooted in chronic inflammation. We pair many anti-inflammatory herbs like turmeric and moringa with an anti-inflammatory diet guide to make choices that make your body feel amazing.

Beauty Factor

Improved Joint Health

Whether you're an athlete looking to increase endurance, or you just want to keep aches and pains at bay long-term, increasing joint health and reducing stiffness is key to feeling young and energized as the years pass. Adaptogenic herbs like ashwagandha and tulsi have powerful health-promoting properties for decreasing pain and inflammation.