The Life-Changing Benefits Of Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar

The Life-Changing Benefits Of Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar


The health benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar (also known as ACV) are championed by beauty buffs and nutrition experts alike. Is it a condiment with a cult following? Apple cider vinegar is more than just a salad dressing. This fermented health tonic would be a great addition to your next 21-Day Clean Program with its alkalizing and detoxifying benefits, but there’s no need to wait. Apple cider vinegar supports daily detox and overall health, making it beneficial for everyday use.

Apple cider vinegar is a fermented food, and the raw, unpasteurized versions are full of enzymes and beneficial bacteria. Apple cider vinegar also has an active component called acetic acid, a potent antimicrobial. We see benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar ranging from improved digestion and relief from heartburn to eliminating bad breath and cravings.

The Digestive Benefits of Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar

When taken in water before a meal, the benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar can include better digestion. The enzymes and beneficial bacteria support optimal digestion and absorption, and also encourage your own digestive juices and enzymes so food is broken down well with maximum nutrient absorption.

While it may seem counterintuitive, apple cider vinegar can also help to prevent heartburn by correcting low stomach acid.Apple cider vinegar isn’t appropriate for anyone with an ulcer, but if you’re suffering from regular heartburn and indigestion, apple cider vinegar may help. Try one tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar in 8 ounces of water 15 minutes before a meal to prevent heartburn.

The Beauty Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Drinking apple cider vinegar supports your insides, which shows on the outside. Many people find that a daily dose of apple cider vinegar in water gives the skin a healthy glow.

Apple cider vinegar is an alkalizing tonic, providing an alkaline boost to the system. Maintaining an alkaline diet supports the immune system, reduces inflammation and creates an environment for beneficial bacteria from probiotics to thrive. An alkaline drink containing apple cider vinegar may even slow down the aging of the skin, helping you maintain a youthful complexion.

Apple cider vinegar can even be used topically. Diluted with water, apple cider vinegar is a great toner that supports a proper pH balance of the skin. It’s also a wonderful rinse for the hair, relieving an itchy scalp while making hair shiny and soft.

One of the benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar is due to its antibacterial power, knocking out bacteria that can cause halitosis and bad breath. Apple cider vinegar can kill the bacteria in plaque responsible for bad breath, giving you fresher breath with each sip.

The Blood Sugar Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Several studies have shown that the benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar include improved insulin sensitivity, lowered blood glucose response during meals, and more stable blood sugar levels after eating, even with high carbohydrate meals. Steady blood sugar levels are important for balanced hormones, reduced stress, and keeping cravings at bay.

The Detox Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar supports circulation and the lymphatic system, making it a helpful tool in your body’s natural daily detox process. Apple cider vinegar helps to break down mucus, aiding the lymphatic system to clear out toxins stored in the protective layer of mucus. This also makes apple cider vinegar a nice addition to any Immunity Drink when battling a cold or allergy symptoms.

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