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An innovative approach to restoring health care with real care. The 21-Day Clean Program is the first step toward restoring your body’s natural ability to heal itself.


Gluten Free


Made in the USA

Food Movement

As food technology and innovation speeds forward, the truth about what’s on our plate becomes more important to us. The foods, supplements, and protocols we recommend represent the transparency we believe in.

Clean Body

Clean gives you the right conditions to restore your body’s natural ability to heal itself. A good detox program is merely the jumping off point towards lasting changes and easy-to-maintain positive shifts.

Balanced Mind

Gain a strong mind-body connection as you discover balance through your food choices. When you change what you put in your body, your mind and emotional state begin to transform as well...food for thought.

Support Matters

A safe space to get answers to your questions, have your concerns heard, and share in the successes of our growing community can have a transformative effect on your journey towards optimal wellness.

Every Bite Matters

Our food choices today curate our body, thoughts, and emotions of tomorrow. We are what we eat, but we also eat what we are as our cravings and tastes evolve through better food choices.

Dr. Junger

When Dr. Junger moved to New York city to start his medical practice, he experienced a dramatic change in lifestyle and diet that caused his health to decline. This began his search for a natural solution to his health problems. He discovered the power of detox and created Clean as an extension of his medical practice to help a larger community of people.

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  • Gwyneth Paltrow

    Actress & GOOP founder

    "As I write this, I am finishing the amazing three-week long Clean detox program... I can report that it worked wonders"

  • Robert Thurman

    Author of Inner Revolution

    "Clean is amazing. This comprehensive program fits perfectly with holistic, empirical and time-tested nutritional and spiritual methods for bringing the micro-biome, our internal micro-community, back onto our side to sustain a blissful life.”

  • Marianne Williamson

    Author of The Age of Miracles

    With an acute understanding of the interconnectedness of body and mind, Clean presents a view of detoxification as a spiritual as well as physical necessity. Dr. Junger has given us a roadmap not only to greater health but also to greater joy.

  • Rachel Roy

    Fashion Designer

    "My skin and hair look better, my eyes look clearer."

360º Support

Get total support from a team of Clean wellness coaches, chefs, nurses, and doctors.

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The Book That Started It All

Own a copy of the book that created the cleanse movement. Discover the successful detox protocol that has revitalized lives across the world.


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