Does Your Digestive Health Need Help?

Does Your Digestive Health Need Help?


There is no question that a healthy body hinges on a healthy digestive tract. Stress, poor diets, and toxicity from pollution and mainstream personal care and cleansing products take their toll, and over time, our digestive systems often become severely impaired and sluggish. Healthy, regular digestion is essential to a successful cleansing program, and to our overall long-term health and vitality.

Common signs of Digestive Problems

Bloating, chronic fatigue, irregularity, and skin complaints are all signs that the gut is out of balance and in need of a reboot. Until the integrity of the gut system is healed and restored by removing irritating foods and substances, rebalancing the microflora in the GI tract, and eating truly health-promoting foods, we are stuck in vicious cycle of symptoms and discomfort.

Restoring Good Digestive Health

Healing the GI tract can take some time, but it is well worth your efforts in the long run. The body’s digestive and waste removal system is key to quality of life and vibrant health. The good news is, you don’t have to live with frustrating symptoms forever.

It can take some commitment to get digestive functioning on track, especially if dysfunction has been present for a while. A 21-Day Cleanse is an excellent opportunity to begin the healing process, and establish new habits that will support your ongoing digestive health.

Hydration is key

Healing your digestion requires lots of pure hydration: drink plenty of clean water throughout the day. Foods with a high water content are also important, such as green smoothies and raw fruits and vegetables, but you still need sufficient amounts of pure water.

Eat foods high in fiber

Fiber-rich foods are crucial to health and good digestive function. Leafy greens, an array of vegetables, and fresh fruits are integral to wellness and healthy eliminations. In addition to good dietary choices, an easily digestible fiber supplement such as Move can do great things for getting the GI tract in tip-top shape. With prebiotics that support calcium and magnesium absorption, and a blend of insoluble and soluble fiber which promote regularity, immune function, and detoxification, Move is an excellent addition to your morning shake.

Sleep more

Syncing up with our natural circadian rhythms not only ensures better sleep at night and energy throughout the day, it is a key component to healing digestive issues. Chronic stress and undersleeping contribute to GI tract distress in a major way, so prioritize your sleep schedule. Learn to optimize the quality of your sleep by embracing good sleep hygiene habits.


Daily moderate Activity, like yoga, tai chi, rebounding, long walks, or whatever you most enjoy, reduces stress, helps tone and strengthen the colon, and restores good digestive health.

Embrace colon cleansing

At Clean, we specifically recommend gravity method colonics. Colonic irrigation with a well-trained and skilled hydrotherapist is a safe and effective way to clear out a backed up gut. Gravity method colonics also tonify and strengthen the colon, helping to improve and restore sluggish peristalsis.

Take probiotics

Eating probiotic-rich foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, and coconut yogurt, and taking a quality probiotic supplement each day, will help balance and nurture the beneficial microflora in your GI tract.

Remember that healing a sluggish GI tract can take a bit of time, but by implementing a whole foods, plant-centered diet, and utilizing ongoing detoxification support tools, you will feel better and get results.

Written by Carolyn De Lorenzo

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