The Best 13 High-Protein Snacks

The Best 13 High-Protein Snacks

The Clean Program follows the anti-inflammatory Clean Eating Meal Program — a list of foods to exclude and include during the 21-Day Program. Here are some delicious high-protein snacks approved for cleansing and beyond.

Why is protein so important?

Protein is vital as the building blocks for our muscles, as most of us know. It also helps us in staying satiated, workout recovery, supports our brain functions, and an even help us with hormone function.

Here are our top picks for protein while on (or off) the 21-Day Clean Program:

1. Sardines, salmon, tuna: BPA-free canned sardines, salmon, or tuna are excellent on-the-go snacks that contain essential Omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, iron, CoQ10, along with other valuable micronutrients. Fish are low in sugar, carbs, and added ingredients. The Wild Planet brand sardines in water have a whopping 26 grams of protein per package!

2. Turkey jerky: We have entered a new age of jerky. No longer resigned to camping trips or nearly neon-colored gas-station-versions, jerky has re-emerged in a form free of nitrates, preservatives, and added sugars. You’ll find 8-12 grams of protein per ounce in the delicious varieties of jerky from Krave foods.

3. Protein shake: Quick and easy as they come, blend a nutrient-dense protein shake mix with fruit, greens, and coconut milk, and you’re all set for a delicious protein boost.

4. Black bean brownies: These black bean brownies are completely flourless, and the nutrition of the black beans makes them beneficial as well. Just one cup contains fifteen grams of protein, which is almost as much as a small serving of chicken.

5. Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies: Who said healthy snacks couldn’t look like junk food? These protein-rich cookies are vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, and bursting with nearly seven grams of protein per cookie.

6. Veggies and hummus: A classic healthy snack, crisp veggies like celery, carrots, and cucumbers provide water and phytonutrients, and protein-rich savory hummus is one of our favorite high-protein snacks.

7. Nut Bars: These vegan, gluten-free nut bars will make you forget about store-bought snack bars. These bars are only 5 ingredients, which is simple and great for digestion. Cashews pack in the protein, and mulberries add fiber. Perfect high-protein snack when you’re on the go or after a workout.

8. No-Bake Almond Butter Squares: Our clean no-bake almond squares pack in the protein with cashew meal and almond butter. These delicious treats are the perfect way to help curb sugar cravings and maintain steady blood sugar.

High-protein snacks when you’re not on the Clean Program

A mix of meaty, vegetarian, and dessert-like high protein snacks for when you’re not following the 7-Day Cleanse or 21-Day Cleanse, but you want to stay healthy and satisfied.

9. Keto Pound Cake: Our keto pound cake is made with gluten-free almond flour and eggs, that is low-carb and very satisfying. These delicious treats are the perfect way to help curb sugar cravings and maintain steady blood sugar.

10. Turkey Meatballs: Meatballs are not only for meals! Turkey meatballs are protein-packed bites you can heat up or have cold one or two at a time. Ground turkey and egg provide protein, while also providing good saturated fat. Dip these nuggets in a sauce of your choice, and you’re off to the races.

11. Hard-Boiled Eggs: Eggs are rich in vitamin A, E, D, and B-vitamins, as well as antioxidants and protein. When possible, look for pastured eggs, as commercially-raised eggs are up to 15 times higher in pro-inflammatory Omega-6 fatty acids. Our favorite pastured eggs come from Vital Farms or a local farm (or farmer’s market) near you.

12. Beef Jerky: Epic Beef Jerky is a stand out in the healthy jerky market. Made with grass-fed beef that’s gluten-free and tastes fantastic, each bar contains between 11-13 grams of protein! They were even voted best protein snack by Paleo Magazine.

13. Paleo Pudding Pie: We’re finishing off this list with a delicious Paleo Pudding Pie that’s high in nutrients and loaded with protein. Coconut oil and coconut milk contain healthy saturated fat and supercharged MCTs that can increase your metabolism and help your body burn fat. A few bites of this pie will keep you satiated for hours.

Written by the Clean Team

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