5 Tips For A Good Work-Life Balance

5 Tips For A Good Work-Life Balance


For those of us in the workforce, work-life balance can be difficult to achieve, as most likely the majority of our week is spent at the office. With endless access to technology, work tends to get brought home as well. The once fine line between work and life has become quite blurred.

When a job begins to take over our life, it can affect our mental and physical wellbeing, and having some tools for keeping things in check is crucial. In addition to supplements that can reduce stress, there are practices we can follow at the office and at home in order to create a better work-life balance.

To help balance our work with our health, try incorporating the below tips into the work week routine.

Take a breath

When feeling stressed out and drowning in Excel spreadsheets, we often forget to simply breathe. Taking time to focus on our breath is essential during a hectic workday. This practice, or meditating, can bring us back to our center and allow for calmness amongst the office chaos. And, over time, we notice a positive shift in our stress levels, memory function and reactions to others.

Protein for breakfast

Eating protein first thing in the morning will satiate us, and provide tons of energy for the day. Try to avoid high-carb, sugary breakfast foods like bagels, donuts, etc., as these will cause unstable blood sugar levels. Eggs (when not cleansing), chia pudding, lean protein, quinoa or a smoothie with clean protein powder are great options, which can also help protect us from hormone imbalances. Above all, try not to skip breakfast, as this can cause fatigue, cravings, and lack of focus.

B.Y.O.S. (Bring Your Own Snacks)

For some reason, there are always cookies and other sugary snacks laying around offices. It can be quite difficult to resist them when they’re right in front of us. Start to B.Y.O.S., or bring your own snacks to work. As we tend to grab what’s most convenient, we’ll go for the healthy, satisfying snack within arm’s reach. Carrots and hummus, apples with almond butter, Larabars, and nuts are some ideal choices.

Digital detox enhances work-life balance

These days, checking mobile devices has become instinctual. The thought of not catching our boss’s text the second it appears just doesn’t sit well.

Carving out time in the evenings and on weekends with no electronic devices, or doing a digital detox, is a great way to refocus on ourselves. This will allow us to spend more quality time with friends and family or pursue that hobby we’ve been dying to explore.

Keep perspective

When a client is breathing down our neck or our boss is on us like white on rice, it can seem like our job is the most important thing in our life. But, taking care of ourselves is actually at the top of the list. Without feeling like our best self, it’s almost impossible to perform well at the office or even function day-to-day.

By sticking to these practices, we’ll climb the corporate ladder while taking care of our mind and body. And, we’ll help redefine the line between work and life. It’s all about balance!

Written by Amy Jarosky