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A fast-acting, delicious drink mix that provides a natural source of magnesium, which many people are lacking in their diets.


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Product Details

An easily absorbed source of magnesium, which can provide heightened relaxation, relief from muscle pain and cramping, and healthy bowel movements. It is especially helpful when incorporated into the 21-Day Program.



Reduces constipation, bloating, and gas.


Soothes nervous system, providing stress relief.

Pain Relief

May be useful for headaches and muscle cramps.



How should I take Eliminate?

We suggest taking it with water near bedtime, but can be taken whenever needed. We recommend beginning with half a scoop to start, and increasing up to two scoops, depending on your needs.

Can I continue daily use of Eliminate after the cleanse?

Eliminate is wonderful any time. It has many uses, and can be helpful for general relaxation, ease of muscle tension and cramps, headache relief, a gentle sleep aid, and to ease any amount of constipation.

Is Eliminate habit forming?

No, Eliminate is non-habit forming and is safe for ongoing, daily use. In fact, most people are magnesium deficient, and Eliminate is a delicious and quick-absorbing source to get necessary magnesium.

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