A Day On The Cleanse

A Day On The Cleanse

As people get started on Clean, the most pressing question is: “What do I eat?” We’ve put together a sample One Day Meal Plan as a way to show you what a day of eating on the Cleanse could look like. Feel free to customize this meal plan for your own personal lifestyle, schedule and appetite. Enjoy!

Our cleanse programs are not just another fad; they are firmly rooted in scientific principles. Dr. Alejandro Junger's book, Clean, extensively explores the impact of toxins on our health and how targeted cleansing can lead to remarkable transformations. 

The combination of nourishing whole foods, select supplements, and avoidance of common allergens and irritants supports the body's natural detox pathways and promotes overall well-being. 

This isn't just juicing, this is embracing and kickstarting a sustainable lifestyle.

Here is an example menu of what a day on our Clean 21 Program could look like for you.

For more recommendations and how to customize the program to your unique needs, consider booking a free 20-minute wellness session with one of our Health Coaches.  


Breakfast: Mocha-Style Shake


This delicious shake recipe is perfect for breakfast. While coffee is not included on the cleanse, this recipe uses a natural alternative that tastes similar to coffee, along with cacao powder, to create a wonderful mocha flavor that is hard to beat.

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Lunch: Salmon Quesadillas


These delicious salmon quesadillas are dairy and gluten free, making them perfect for lunch on the cleanse. They are easy to make and the whole family will love them if you are cooking for others while on the cleanse.

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Optional Snacks: Fudge Brownies

These brownies taste fantastic and fit perfectly into the Cleanse.


Get the Fudge Brownies recipe here.

Dinner: Curried Avocado Soup


This bisque is perfect for the Cleanse. The avocado and coconut provide plenty of healthy fat which will keep you feeling satiated as you cleanse. Nourishing, satisfying and cooling with curry spices to aid digestion, this is a great dinner meal.

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