What Is The One Thing All Successful Women Have In Common?

What Is The One Thing All Successful Women Have In Common?


There is one thing all successful women have in common and, lucky for you, we’re spilling the beans. Do you find that you know what your dreams are yet when it comes time to talk about it or get started, there’s always a ‘but’ attached to it?

“I want to start a business, but I don’t have the funding.”

“I want to start a blog, but I’m not tech savvy.”

At Clean, we often hear, “I want to be healthier, but I just can’t seem to commit.”

It’s a lot easier to choose the route that we’re currently on. The safe one where we know what the outcome will be. But it’s not exciting, and it’s definitely not challenging or fulfilling.

How Successful Women Turn Obstacles into Opportunities

In my mission to help women get out of their own way and create the life they’ve always wanted, I have interviewed many who have transformed their ‘but’s’ into ‘how’s’. They scraped together whatever little resources they had to make their dreams a reality, regardless of the rejection and other obstacles that they had to face along the way.

After doing a few interviews I started to recognize some similarities in the stories I was hearing. Yes, they all have grit, determination, and a desire to make a positive impact in the world, but the commonality that stood out to me was that they all reference their support systems as a huge contributing factor to their success.

Successful Women Lean On and Lean Into Support

When I first started my blog, I was nervous to tell anyone about it. I’m accustomed to working on things on my own. I’m also a bit of a perfectionist, so I’m reluctant to share what I’m working on until it’s the finished, pristine product. Although I had been spending countless nights perfecting my blog, it was hard to gauge when it was good enough. In my opinion, it could never be good enough.

Many who talk to Clean’s Wellness Coaches feel the same way on the 21-Day Clean Program — they are reluctant to share their experience with friends or on social media in fear of judgement or failure, however, it is always those who make a public commitment to their community that ends up succeeding the most thanks to the support they receive.

When I worked up the courage to tell one of my really close friends about my blog that I realized how special this thing I was working on really was. She loved the idea, and not just that, she wanted to help by writing articles for the blog. Because I shared my goal with a close friend who was supportive, it helped me find the confidence I needed to share it with more people.

Since then, I’ve been featured in the news and on sites around the world, and I have people who email me every single day letting me know how my blog has changed their life or inspired them to do something they’ve always wanted to do.

Imagine I had kept that a secret! Having a support system can be the thing that keeps you going on the rough days. It can stop you from giving up and give you a fresh perspective on a project you’ve been staring at for too long. At Clean, we encourage you to find your support system online and in person to work together to achieve the goals you’ve always had an excuse for whether that’s an online community, a coach, or a friend who will listen.

Successful Women Don’t Share Big Ideas with Small Minded-People

Be careful who you share your ideas with. When you come up with an idea that is close to your heart, you are very open to feedback, especially before you’ve let the idea become a reality. When the feedback is negative, it can often cause us to abandon a perfectly good idea out of fear of failure.

The fact is, some people just won’t get it, and they never wil however, they could be completely wrong in their negativity about your ambition. Often, it’s the people who are afraid to reach outside of their comfort zones and try something new are the same ones that will find it hard to understand why you would want to as well. There’s still room for these people in your life, just not in your brainstorming sessions.

Successful Women Connect with People Who Possess Traits You Admire

You are a direct reflection of the people you spend your time with. Look to your current circle to see who emulates the traits you want to improve on, and who you can lean on for support as you begin a new venture. For example, if you want to start a blog, reach out to bloggers. Meet with them for lunch to hear their insights on how they got started.

Take advice from people who are in a position you want to be in. You wouldn’t ask financial advice from a friend who always complains that she is broke. Attend meet-ups and networking events in your area to connect with people who are in a position you would like to be in.

If you don’t know where to start meeting people in your vicinity, you can leverage online platforms like Instagram and Facebook groups to connect with like-minded individuals. From there, you can start mastermind groups or accountability partnerships to create a circle of support.

Successful Women Are Vocal About What They Want To Do

Don’t be afraid to brainstorm or to tell people in your network what your plans are, even if you don’t know the person that well. You’ll be surprised of people’s hidden skills and of their willingness to help you. You may even make a new business bestie out of an acquaintance who has a shared passion.

While solitude is important to help you get through tasks, it’s important to leverage your network and to never underestimate the power of a support circle. These are the people who will be cheering you on, keeping you accountable for your dreams, and helping you find your own version of success.

Written by Reese Evans