The Top 5 Best Fitness Apps To Up Your Game

The Top 5 Best Fitness Apps To Up Your Game

We’re sharing our best fitness apps to help you get and stay healthy. Staying fit is easier than ever thanks to technology including wearables, health apps, and a huge community of like-minded health-seekers.

Staying fit is possible even when you’re on the 21-Day Clean Program. Many of our best fitness apps can help you track how you feel and inspire you to make the most of the three weeks you have committed to improving your health.

Our lives are getting busier and busier, and so it often feels like we have less time to make it to the gym. We’re lucky enough that in this age of technology, all we need to stay fit is right at our fingertips.

Our Top 5 Best Fitness Apps

At Clean, we appreciate a holistic approach to wellness meaning that the perfect diet doesn’t always mean the healthiest diet for you. The same idea goes for fitness. Some of the best fitness apps can inspire your workout, while others inspire your mind and can help personalize a goal-crushing fitness routine that’s fun and challenging.


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Nike+ Training Club App

It would be easy to assume that workouts pre-loaded to an app wouldn’t cause you to break a sweat. We used to think so too until we downloaded the Nike+ Training Club app.

The Activitys are curated by some of the top influencers in the fitness space such as Nike Master Trainer, Kirsty Godso. The app is organized by different levels of difficulty making it a good sweat for novices and pros. Even when we can’t make it to the gym, we can always find time to roll out a yoga mat, grab some free weights, and fit a really good workout.

My Fitness Pal

Ever go out for dinner and wonder what the calorie count of your meal was or are you like us and avoid thinking about it until guilt sinks in later. Yes, *sigh*, that desert has calories, even when you share it with friends! Add to that appetizers, cocktails, and post-meal cappuccinos and the daily calorie count really starts to stack up. My Fitness Pal can almost guarantee your sweet-tooth won’t get in the way of those sweet results.

Count calories, keep track of macros (fat, carbs, and protein), and watch your sugar intake throughout the day. Whether we’re eating food from a restaurant or a grocery store — foods and meals from around the world are curated into this app to help us make more intentional decisions at the dinner table and brunch table, too.

Discovering your favorite homemade healthy smoothies had three times the amount of sugar in it than you thought is reason enough to keep this app installed.


Used by some of our favorite Instagram influencers, Sweat acts as your personal fitness coach. It tracks data from your Health analysis on your iPhone such as walking and running distance, provides menu options for a variety of diets, and allows you to connect with a huge community of fitness lovers. With five different coaches and styles of fitness to pursue, you won’t be bored. And with every Activity demonstrated, you can be confident in performing them.


When we think of our health, we often think of our physical fitness. It’s also really important to keep your mental health in the game and prioritize the present. The goal of the Headspace team is to bring meditation to people around the world with their adorable, well-designed app.

You can start your day, with a free trial giving you a series of free meditations to help you feel calmer and de-stressed. If you find meditation to be your thing, you can sign up for a full subscription and get ready to use those meditative breaths every day.


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Pokémon Go

Finding it hard to get motivated to get outside and enjoy nature? The team at Nintendo has got you covered with a game that is taking the nation by storm — Pokémon GO!

Although it may be a surprising addition to this list, there is no doubt that Pokémon Go is helping a lot of people increase their outdoor activity levels. It has even been reported to help those suffering from mental health issues by simply giving us a reason to leave the houses, helping many feel better in their treatments.

With Pokémon sporadically popping up around cities around the world, it allows you to explore your surroundings, and gamify your experience with the opportunity to “Catch ‘em all”!

Why not go for an early-morning jog and scoop up all the Pokémon along the way? Just make sure to be aware of your surroundings while playing and never poke and drive!

Written by Reese Evans, founder of Yessupply.