Clean Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

Clean Healthy Holiday Gift Guide


A Healthy Holiday Gift Guide is perfect for anyone shopping for a healthy (or wannabe-healthier) loved one. The 21-Day Clean Program is the ultimate gift of health, any season, and the Clean team has come up with our dream Healthy Holiday Gift Guide list of cleanse-friendly gifts for everyone on your list …


Pursoma Digital Detox Bath

These potent single-serving detox baths are the perfect addition to your cleanse to help the skin’s natural detox process and make you feel pampered when you need it most.

bkr Water Bottle

John Baston, M.D., a sports medicine physician says, “the easiest thing to do is pay attention to the color of your urine. Pale and clear means you’re well hydrated. If it’s dark, drink more fluids.” Cleanse better every day by staying hydrated with this sleek reusable glass water bottle in a soft-to-the-touch silicone sleeve.

Moleskine Wellness Journal

Cleansing is a great time to check in with yourself and journaling can help you recognize habits and create new thought patterns during this transformative time.



Vegan Cuts

Introduce your loved ones to healthy vegan brands to love through a monthly subscription to Vegan Cut’s Snack Box.


A subscription to Thrive means discounts on the best of healthy foods, natural cosmetics, and household brands to keep your family Clean all year long.

Moon Juice Dusts

Powerful healing food-based supplements with playful names and packaging make these adaptogenic dusts the perfect healthy stocking-stuffer.


Nespresso Aeroccino Milk Frother

On chilly mornings, we at the Clean offices, love frothing up hemp milk and stevia for a comforting Clean-friendly matcha latte.

Breville Juice Fountain Cold

Makers of many of our favorite appliance, Breville has us eyeing this juicer for our daily nutrient-rich green juices. Having a green juice every day can lead to better bowel movements.

Heart Shaped Bowls

Bring a little more love to your morning porridges, chia seed puddings, and smoothie bowls with this adorable heart-shaped bowl.

clean holiday guide Activity



Gym memberships are so last year. Help your loved one keep their fitness resolutions with access to hundreds of classes from barre to boxing across the country and around the world.

bellicon Rebounder

Spring into fitness and activate your body’s elimination channels with this NASA-approved fitness tool for easy exercising.

Tracy Anderson Video Streaming

Our friends over at goop know that light movement such as dancing and jumping helps to remove toxins by activating the lymphatic system, making you sweat, and encouraging bowel movements which is why we love these workouts from Tracy Anderson.


Groceries Apparel

American-made clothing in modern styles sourced from natural ingredients such as organic cotton, eucalyptus, and hemp as well as a recycled plastic.

Tory Burch Fitbit

Redefining the term wearable, this fashionable and functional fitness tracker will actually upgrade your outfit.


The makers of these “killer clothes that don’t kill the environment,” are changing the fashion industry by tracking the environmental impact of every garment they make. Check out their cheeky giant bummer disclaimer to find out why you should care.

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The Detox Market

Our favorite healthy marketplace stocks its shelves with high-end detoxifying and beautifying products such as The Problem Solver by May Lindstrom and RMS beauty’s Living Luminizer.

SleepMask by Tempur-Pedic

For uninterrupted sleep, avoiding light is key and this mask is an affordable indulgence for the loved one in your life that needs to catch some Z’s.

Spa Time

A trip to a spa or bathhouse such as Aire or Tomoko can help relieve stress and tension while providing the cleansing benefits of water therapy.


Clean Books

Send your fellow Clean-fan a copy of Clean Eats for recipe inspiration or share the original Clean experience with your loved ones.

Secret Garden by Johanna Brasford

Adult coloring books can be therapeutic, meditative, and help breakup emotional eating patterns by redirecting attention and mindfulness.

10% Happier by Dan Harris

A humorous guide to quieting the mind and reducing stress while remaining productive.


Our Healthy Holiday Gift Guide wouldn’t be complete without mentioning acts of charity. Giving is a gift in and of itself which is why we like to use Good Gifts to select the perfect gift to send out in the name of our loved ones. We also love giving worldwide through World Vision and nationally through No Kid Hungry.