Greens: The Ultimate Health And Beauty Food

Greens: The Ultimate Health And Beauty Food

See how incorporating greens or a greens superfood supplement, like Clean Greens, can set you up for more optimal health and wellness.


Leafy greens are some of the most nourishing and healing foods for our bodies. From green drinks to juices and smoothies, leafy greens and green vegetables are powerful and inexpensive sources of major nutrition: they are rich in magnesium, iron, calcium, vitamin K, vitamin C, fiber, folic acid, and potassium, as well as an array of phytochemicals such as beta-carotene, zeaxanthin, cryptoxanthin, and lutein. Greens contain almost every nutrient we require for optimal health.

Why so green?

So what makes greens so healthy? The leaves of a plant are where photosynthesis, the process of turning light into plant food, occurs. Leaves produce tons of antioxidants and phytonutrients counteract free radicals created during the photosynthesis process, and these antioxidants benefit us in the same way they do plants; by fighting free radicals bombarding our cells.

Antioxidants have been positively linked to the prevention of heart disease and cancers, and green leafy veggies benefit virtually every system in your body: they promote a healthy digestive tract, greater immunity, lower blood pressure and cardiovascular health, and may even help keep your brain sharp. The frequent consumption of greens has been positively linked to longer life spans, cardiovascular health, and clear, glowing skin.

Variety is Key

We recommend a variety of ways to get your greens in, and we also recommend that you rotate your greens throughout the week to optimize nutrition: spinach, watercress, kale, bok choy, parsley, among many others, all make super nutritious and delicious additions to your meal plan. Tossing some leaves into your Daily Shakes and blending up green smoothies are great ways to get more green veggies into your diet.

Green juices are also excellent to supplement with, but be sure to eat your salads and get your smoothies going to maximize your fiber intake. A high-quality green powder is also a powerfully concentrated dose of nutrition, and Clean Greens is an amazing vegan superfood supplement to add to your daily regimen. Our greens formula is fantastic support for cleansing, healing, and renewing your energy levels. Feel free to add some to a smoothie, raw juice, or glass of water. Our greens powder is loaded with chlorella, probiotics, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals, and it helps maintain your body’s alkalinity for greater health and vibrancy.


Sometimes more is better

Remember to make vegetables and greens central to your meals. Aim to load half of your plate with veggies, and divide the other half between proteins and carbohydrates. When you do cook your vegetables, lightly steaming, roasting, or sautéing are better options, as nutrients tend to leach out into the water with boiling. There are virtually endless ways to get more greens and vegetables into your diet: get inspired with new recipesfind your favorite go-to shake and smoothie recipes to rotate through the week, and enjoy the amazing health and beauty benefits of a green, plant-centered, and whole foods dietary plan.