Engineering A Good Night's Sleep

Engineering A Good Night's Sleep


If you’re sick of being tired and dragging yourself through the day, it’s probably worth looking at the quality of your sleep.

Sleep is just as important to your health as diet and Activity, so how can you make sure you’re getting the good quality stuff? According to Brian St. Pierre from Precision Nutrition, creating a sleep routine will provide an automatic trigger for your body to help you fall asleep easier at bedtime.

Try this routine on for size. Getting good quality sleep starts with how you wake up. By setting your body’s natural rhythms early in the day, you’ll set yourself up for an easier transition into high quality sleep in the evening. Try waking up to slow, building music rather than a blaring alarm clock. Then, expose yourself to natural light and get your body moving.

Before bed, do a “brain dump” by writing down whatever is on your mind to get it out of your head. Turn off any electronics, lights or screens that may interrupt your sleep and keep your room as dark as possible. Then curl up to sleep before midnight, aiming for seven to nine hours. Damn that feels good.

Photo Credit: Ollyy