How To Deal With Emotional Eating? Insights From Dr. Susan Campbell

How To Deal With Emotional Eating? Insights From Dr. Susan Campbell

Why do we emotionally eat? And what’s the best way to break the pattern?

Transforming the habit of emotional eating is all about learning how to deal with the normal discomforts of life. Like not getting what you want or dealing with a difference of opinion.

That’s what Dr. Susan Campbell told me recently in our conversation about the reasons why we emotionally eat and what we can do about it.

When we emotionally eat, we’re ignoring the uncomfortable feelings we’re having in the moment and covering them up with food.

It might be the way your co-worker handled a project you were working on or how your husband or wife spoke to you. Whatever the reason, Susan gives us a simple technique to address how we feel directly and interrupt the automatic pattern of emotional eating.


Dr. Campbell

Dr. Susan Campbell has authored nine books on relationships and conflict resolution, has delivered hundreds of seminars and workshop internationally, and has counseled thousands of individuals and couples. In demand with the press, radio and TV to help interpret the status of contemporary human work and love relations, she has appeared on CNN’s NewsNight and Good Morning America and Dr. Dean Edell.

Accomplished in the business world, Susan has directed a think tank, run non-profit organizations, consulted to Fortune 500 companies, and guest lectured at the Harvard, Stanford, and UCLA business schools.

An avid adventurer and proponent of “living your life out loud,” she has made millions, lost millions, lived in other cultures, and spent two years sailing her 47-foot sailboat halfway around the world.

Some of her more well-known book titles are: The Couples Journey, Beyond the Power Struggle, and Getting Real.