Why This Coleslaw Recipe Is Surprisingly Powerful

Why This Coleslaw Recipe Is Surprisingly Powerful


We almost decided to call this recipe “Better Than Coleslaw,” since it’s a much more healthy version of the traditional side dish. Lighter ingredients like olive oil and apple cider vinegar take the place of mayonnaise. The purple cabbage is eaten raw, which preserves the myrosinase enzymes. Our autumn coleslaw recipe pairs perfectly with the pulled chicken recipe from last week. It’s also a great salad topping, and as an added bonus, the apple cider vinegar helps with digestion and acid reflux. Try this recipe during the 21-Day Clean Program. We hope you enjoy it.

Autumn Coleslaw Recipe Ingredients:

1 head of purple cabbage, to equal 4 cups when shredded

1 apple

2 pieces of celery

4 scallions

3 tablespoons olive oil

1 1/2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar

1-2 teaspoons sea salt


Chop all ingredients; the cabbage, apple, celery, and scallions.

Place everything in a large bowl and add the apple cider vinegar, olive oil and sea salt.

Toss everything until well combined.

Serve alone, with mixed greens, as a side for any meal or our favourite way is with the Pulled Chicken from last week!

Recipe: Frank Giglio
Photos: Jenny Nelson