Vitamin C: Everything You Need To Know Now

Vitamin C: Everything You Need To Know Now


Lately, we have seen lots of discussion that vitamin C is an essential part of our diet – and beauty routine! Vitamin C’s first claim-to-fame was preventing scurvy, but we now know that vitamin C, also known as l-ascorbic acid, has a lot more to offer than just strong bones. This water-soluble vitamin is an immune-boosting, antioxidant powerhouse that promotes great health and youthful, glowing skin. An antioxidant-rich, nutrient-dense Daily Shake is a great way to build up or support a strong immune system.


Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant, fighting free radicals that can cause inflammation and cellular damage. Vitamin C can reduce the risk of chronic diseases like high blood pressure and macular degeneration. Antioxidants also have many beauty benefits that help to protect the skin and prevent signs of aging. It also helps our body use other important antioxidants like vitamin E more efficiently, boosting the impact of all of these beneficial nutrients.

Vitamin C is also necessary for the growth and repair of all bodily tissues. It keeps teeth and bones strong and aids in repairing tissue and healing wounds. Vitamin C is a necessary precursor to collagen, the protein that keeps our bodies strong and our skin tight, plump and smooth. As we age, we naturally produce less collagen, allowing wrinkles and sagging skin to appear. Vitamin C encourages more collagen production, keeping skin looking younger, longer.


The body cannot produce vitamin C on its own, so we must get it through a clean, healthy diet. The best food sources are fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. Some foods high in vitamin C are citrus fruits like orange and grapefruit, pomegranates, tropical fruits like mango, papaya, and pineapple, and brassica vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts. Include some of these foods in your diet each day to support healthy levels of vitamin C and natural collagen.

Many people believe that increasing vitamin C after you notice symptoms of a cold or flu will clear up the cold faster. However, most research shows that it is consistent use of ascorbic acid that keeps the immune system strong, which can prevent illness or shorten the duration of a cold. Including a supplemental form of vitamin C, along with a diet rich in the vitamin supports the immune system over time. Keep in mind, however, that high doses of supplemental vitamin C can cause loose bowels.


As mentioned before, supplementation is a natural collagen production. Collagen is an anti-aging superstar: it keeps skin tight, full, plump, and without wrinkles. After about age 25, natural collagen production decreases approximately 1% each year, resulting in loose, sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles over time. Eating a diet with plenty of vitamin C foods and including a supplemental form of vitamin C (we recommend Guard) will encourage natural collagen production, which is the first line of defense in preventing collagen loss. But you can double your efforts by also including a collagen hydrolysate supplement. One promising study has shown great results in reducing fine lines and wrinkles with collagen supplementation.

Vitamin C is not only a beauty food but a powerful ingredient in beauty products. Antioxidants in skin care products are very effective in reducing inflammation, preventing acne, and fighting free radicals on the skin’s surface that can cause premature aging. Vitamin C in skin care also evens skin tone by diminishing dark spots and hyperpigmentation, boosts collagen production, and reduces skin irritation and redness. You’ll get the most out of vitamin C by including a quality, non-toxic product in a more concentrated form like a serum. In addition to a yearly 21-Day Clean Program, using a vitamin C serum each day will keep your skin bright, tight, and healthy.

Written by the Clean Team