Clean Program helps to detox and cleanse the body of negative hormones is key for overall health and wellness.

The Importance Of Hormonal Health

Hormones are communication tools within the body whose specific purpose is to adapt to a need or circumstance.
Hormones are communication tools within the body whose specific purpose is to adapt to a need or circumstance. Hormones can be found in the surrounding environment as well as within the foods we consume. There are both positive and negative hormones within these categories. Negative hormones restrict the body and prevent it from functioning properly, causing poor quality of sleep, loss of menstruation, poor gut health, and even emotional imbalance.

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Store-Bought Foods & Hormones

Numerous negative hormones can be found within the food that one consumes, from animal proteins to pre-packaged meals found in supermarkets. Dr. Junger describes the presence of hormones in the modern food supply in his book this way, “The modern-day phenomenon of nutritional deficiency is devastating to our health” (Junger, 89). He continues by saying, “If they (nutrients) are missing, the chemical reactions simply don’t happen, imbalances start, and over time sickness and disease develop” (Junger, 89). The more foods containing these hormones are consumed, the more adverse health effects can be experienced down the line due to their build-up within the body.

Dr. Junger goes on to further explain, “Ninety percent of the products in the supermarkets come in some kind of container. In order to extend shelf life outside a fridge, these food-like products are loaded with preservatives- chemicals that kill bacteria” (Junger, 52). Therefore, it’s important to limit the consumption of processed foods whenever possible, so that the body absorbs less harmful hormones and keeps producing beneficial bacteria. A full detox of these processed foods is necessary if a blockage has been created and the digestive system is working overtime to expel these toxins. Clean 21, a 21-day detox program, was created to help solve this problem and encourage people to fuel their bodies with clean foods such as fruits, vegetables, and plant-based protein.

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Hormonal health is key to full-body health and is closely tied to the foods we eat.

Hit Reset on the Body

Clean Program actively works to reset the body and detox harmful hormones. This type of cleansing is key since each system of the body is interconnected. Therefore, if negative hormones are impacting one system, the others adjust so the body can keep functioning, and it goes into survival mode. Throughout the cleansing process, during either Clean 7 or Clean 21, the body will be able to optimize its nutrients and energy allocation to get back to functioning at the highest level. Furthermore, the body’s natural ability to heal itself will be restored, which will improve digestion immensely.

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