How To Use Crystals To Improve Your Wellbeing

How To Use Crystals To Improve Your Wellbeing


Many people find that the 21-Day Clean Program not only makes things clear in terms of food sensitivities, and new ways of eating, but also emotions. It can actually be quite an emotional journey! Using crystals can help us find our way to our desired destination of a well-balanced life, and help us release things that are no longer serving us.

Whether we’re taking our first step on the path to a healthy lifestyle or have been traveling down the road for some time, it’s important to set intentions for the journey. Often, we assume that it’s a one-way track to good health, but a healthy lifestyle involves a conscious and ongoing effort to better ourselves physically and mentally. Progression varies from person to person, which is why it is necessary to forge our own path.

Setting goals

When we eat clean we nurture our body with foods that provide the ultimate fuel. This fuel is then converted into the energy we use for physical activity, which makes our body stronger so we can carry on longer. As essential as clean eating and Activity are to taking care of your body and achieving a healthy lifestyle, taking care of your mind is just as important.

We’ve all occasionally made the decision to eat processed fast food over an organic home cooked meal, or have found ourselves on a weekend morphing into our couch cushion instead of stepping outside and enjoying the fresh air. That’s nothing to be ashamed of, but with some training, we can accepting when we’ve strayed from our intended path and learn how to move forward with the goals we’ve set for ourselves.

Crystals for a clear mind

If you’re new to the idea of crystals, then think of them as a tool to cleanse your mind in the same way that eating clean cleanses your body. We can use these tools to help become clear-minded and focused throughout our health and wellness journey!

Quartz Crystal Point

Quartz crystal point is a crystal of manifestation and can be programmed to hold your intention so that it constantly put it out into the universe, even when you are not thinking about it. Mark the beginning of your new healthy journey by writing your intention down on a piece of paper while holding the clear quartz in your non-writing hand. Once you have written your intention, hold your crystal with both hands and state your intention aloud, affirming it to the universe, making this new lifestyle an active commitment. Program your clear quartz crystal to hold your intention and feed off of its energy as it motivates you to continue what you set out to do.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a crystal for matters of the heart and helps us stay committed to our goals. It can help strengthen our resolve, in the healthy pathway we’ve decided is best for us. Often it is referred to as a “love stone” which can help us in learning to extend love to ourselves while we are figuring out which good habits work for us.


Selenite is a cleansing crystal ideal for all energy types. When you find yourself struggling to stay on track with your intentions, selenite can unblock the stagnant, negative energy holding you back and replace that with a new magnified energy you choose to place upon it. In moments of uncertainty or self-doubt, retrieve the paper upon which you wrote your intention. Hold the selenite with your non-dominant hand while holding the paper with your intention with your dominant hand. Connect with it daily in order to supplement the energy you invest on this new journey.

Instead of searching for the quickest shortcut to get healthy, take the scenic route and enjoy the trip. Crystals may be a part of your journey. Above all, know that you are worthy, you are strong, and you are capable.

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