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High concentration of Omega-3 fatty acids sourced from Peruvian cold-water fish. EPA-DHA supports healthy musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, nervous system, and immune function.


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Product Details

EPA-DHA boosts muscle performance and recovery. Regular use also promotes healthy, balanced cholesterol levels. Essential to balancing hormones and moods.



Formulated for enjoyment with zero after-taste.


600 mg of potent EPA and 400mg of pure DHA per serving.

Beauty Factor

Promotes hair growth and relief from skin conditions.

Mood Stability

Can reduce anxiety, depression, and mood swings.



How often should I take EPA-DHA?

EPA-DHA is designed for daily use and is best taken with food, any time of day.

Is EPA-DHA vegetarian?

No, it is derived from cold-water fish.

Will this EPA-DHA leave an aftertaste?

Nope. Our fish oil is of a high-quality that won't cause "fish burps".

Can I take EPA-DHA while I'm doing the Clean Program?

You can absolutely add this to your cleanse. Simply take EPA-DHA once daily with your smoothie or meal.

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