The Connection Between Probiotics And Weight Loss

The Connection Between Probiotics And Weight Loss


Probiotics and weight loss go hand in hand. As scientific advances unfold, the known positive effects of a healthy gut flora become more promising. We know that probiotics play an integral role in gut health, brain health, heart health, digestive health, and immunity but they may also be beneficial in the pursuit of a healthy weight.

Probiotics and weight loss and other happy side effects

Why take probiotics? Daily probiotics for weight loss can have many happy side effects such as improved digestion, increased energy, and heightened immunity during cold and flu season. Some surprising benefits of taking probiotics include lowered blood pressure and healthier teeth.

The healthy bacteria in your gut doesn’t just affect your digestive health, allergies, immune system — a healthy gut plays an important role in maintaining a healthy weight. Medical professionals are discovering that eliminating carbs or fat from your diet is, in fact, less essential to weight loss than probiotics populating a healthy gut.

Probiotics and weight loss can play a role in conditions like obesity and diabetes. “The composition of the organisms living in your gut determines – to some extent, at least – how your body stores the food you eat, how easy (or hard) it is for you to lose weight, and how well your metabolism functions.”

A study published by Science magazine even showed that when the unhealthy gut flora from overweight mice was transferred to a group of skinny mice, they immediately started eating more and developed the same metabolic abnormalities the overweight mice had. The link between unhealthy gut flora and obesity is encouraging evidence that a healthy probiotic improves weight loss leading to a healthier lifestyle.

Probiotics Found in Fermented Foods Can Aid Weight Loss

Eating fermented foods such as fermented sauerkraut with meals can help fill you up, improve digestion, and eat less overall. You can also help restore a healthy population of probiotics and increase weight loss by consuming prebiotic-rich foods such as garlic and onions. A prebiotic/probiotic supplement can rapidly repopulate your gut flora and help heal trauma caused by digestive distress.

So if your digestion and immunity isn’t enough motivation enough to improve your gut health, maybe the extra pounds off your waistline thanks to the probiotic-weight-loss connection are. Feel good and look good … what’s better than that?

Probiotics Can’t Help Weight Loss If Your Forget to Take Them

It may seem simple, but remembering to take your daily probiotics can be the biggest hurdle on the way towards better gut health and weight loss. That’s why we optimized our 21-Day Cleanse Program to include a daily potent probiotic that only needs to be taken once per day while reaping the benefits of a cleanse.

Additionally, our cleanse shakes found in our 21-Day Program contain an all-organic antioxidant blend with free-radical-fighting ingredients to deepen your detox and improve your results such as spirulina, acerola, and inulin, a prebiotic that helps boost the efficacy of our new probiotic formula.