Fight Free Radicals With Clean’s New Antioxidant Blend

Fight Free Radicals With Clean’s New Antioxidant Blend


Free radicals are made in our bodies to aid in many bodily functions such as digestion and metabolizing food however, exposure to too many can cause harm in our systems as free radicals can break down the very enzymes and cells that we’re made of. Our bodies produce more free radicals when we are exposed to harmful UV ray and carcinogens. In order to combat this almost unavoidable overexposure, it’s important for us to create a balance.

Fighting Free Radicals with Antioxidants

Increasing the amount of antioxidants you consume on a daily basis can help balance out free radical damage to our skin and bodily systems. Antioxidants help neutralize free radicals before they can cause us harm, and increasing our intake of adaptogens like fermented turmeric and antioxidant-rich foods are essential in this process.

For this reason, we reformulated the Cleanse Shakes in our 21-Day Clean Program Kits to include a new, all-organic antioxidant blend. This antioxidant blend contains a variety of organic fruits and vegetables to not only fight free radicals — each ingredient targeted ingredient was selected to get you better results on your cleanse.

Better Results with Free Radical Fighting Antioxidant Blend

After much feedback from our community, we have added a new all-organic antioxidant blend to our Cleanse Shakes. Each shake now contains targeted ingredients to help deal with the symptoms often reported on the cleanse as well as focusing on the most commonly desired results from the program.

Metabolism Boosters

Experience the thermogenic power from foods that increase metabolism by 5% like organic green tea and organic ginger. Antioxidant-rich green tea gently energizes your body to burn more fat while organic ginger reduces inflammation that can cause puffiness and belly bloat while revving up your metabolism.

Beauty Blend

Antioxidant beauty foods rich in collagen-boosting vitamin C, anti-aging beta-carotene (that the body converts into vitamin A), and naturally-occurring skin-clearing nutrients can help you retain the youthful glow of plump, clear skin.

Better Results

Targeted detox foods such as organic inulin, organic acacia, and organic raspberries can help you feel fuller and aid your body’s production of healthy gut flora for optimal weight loss. The organic inflammation-fighting ingredients of our new free radical-fighting antioxidant blend can help you shed excess pounds and reduce bloating associated with typical detox symptoms.

Super Green Detoxifiers

Detox deeper with superfood detoxifiers such as organic Spirulina and organic spinach which can bind to heavy metals and can increase your body’s ability to absorb essential vitamins and minerals during the program.

Don’t stress too much about free radicals. So long as you are taking in enough colorful antioxidant-rich foods on a daily basis, your body can stay balanced and youthful. For an extra boost to reset your system, harness the power of antioxidants with our new cleanse shakes.

We know that cleansing is a big investment of money and time. Make the most of it — fight free radicals, look and feel better, and get the results you are looking for by harnessing the power of antioxidants.