Three Clean Snack Recipes

Three Clean Snack Recipes


Where possible, we encourage you to eat enough at meals so that you don’t feel the desire to snack, especially when on the cleanse.

But sometimes a healthy, sweet or savory snack can make all the difference between feeling hungry and grumpy, and feeling energized and nourished. Fresh fruits, vegetables and shakes are always good snack choices, but if you’re wanting something a bit more elaborate, these three snack recipes will do the trick.

Brown Rice Nachos


This recipe is quick to make and is the perfect flavorful snack. No matter what the day holds, these nachos are a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

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Hazelnut Coco Crunch Bars


Fresh fruit is the perfect sweet snack food. But if you’re looking for something richer, this chocolate treat is reminiscent of Crunch bars sans the sugar and packed with wholesome ingredients.

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Onion Rings


This tasty recipe replaces a classic unhealthy comfort food. These rings will make your taste buds happy without sacrificing your health.

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We hope you enjoy these healthy and satisfying snack options when hunger strikes!