Bulletproof Dandelion Coffee For A Caffeine-Free Drink

Bulletproof Dandelion Coffee For A Caffeine-Free Drink


Over the last few years, bulletproof coffee or matcha lattes have become the preferred way to caffeinate for health-minded caffeine lovers. It calls for adding healthy fats to a cup of coffee and blitzing it in the blender until it looks like a foamy latte. But what about if you are taking a break from caffeine, or have cut it out completely because of anxiety or other dietary reasons? This dandelion coffee recipe might be just the thing.

The idea is that the healthy fat in bulletproof coffee will aid in balancing your hormones and give you a boost in energy without the crash. While many people feel perfectly fine drinking coffee, we avoid it on the 21-Day Clean Program because it’s addictive and can be disruptive to our natural sleep cycles (and possibly hormones). Even decaf coffee is acidic, dehydrating, and can trigger heartburn. Luckily, we can still enjoy the benefits of a bulletproof style brew that improves digestion, eases congestion in the liver, and increases energy without caffeine.

Dandelion Root Tea as an Herbal Coffee Substitute

This might come as a surprise, but those pesky yellow weeds that pop up in our yards every spring actually have powerful health benefits. Dandelions have been used for centuries to treat ailments like upset stomach, joint pain, eczema, and bruises. When roasted and made into tea, the root of the dandelion plant also happens to take on a taste similar to coffee. We like drinking Dandy Blend because it has the smoothness and texture of real coffee without the negative side effects, but any roasted dandelion root tea will work in this recipe.

Boost Your Energy Naturally with Coconut Butter

A critical component of bulletproof coffee is healthy fat, which provides sustained energy and makes the drink creamy and frothy. Instead of using butter or ghee we infused our dandelion root tea with coconut butter.

Not to be confused with coconut oil, coconut butter is made from ground up coconut meat and has a naturally sweet taste and smooth texture – almost like frosting when melted. Coconut butter is a great metabolism booster that increases calorie burn and energy levels, aiding in weight loss. It’s also a high-fiber food that can help control blood sugar levels.

Start your morning with a Bulletproof Dandelion Coffee, or another one of these alternatives to coffee, to support your detox organs and to promote steady, lasting energy without caffeine.

Bulletproof Dandelion Coffee (Caffeine-Free)
Serves 1


12 oz. filtered water
3 tsp. Dandy Blend (or roasted dandelion tea of choice)
¼ tsp. cinnamon
2 Tbsp. coconut butter
¼ tsp. vanilla extract
Stevia or coconut palm syrup (optional)


Step 1: Add three teaspoons of Dandy Blend to a mug and bring 12 ounces of filtered water to a boil.


Step 2: Pour the water into the mug. Allow the dandelion coffee to cool slightly before transferring it to your blender.


Step 3: Pour the dandelion coffee into your blender, followed by the cinnamon, coconut butter, and vanilla extract.


Step 4: Blend for 30 seconds to emulsify the coconut butter into the dandelion coffee. Taste and add a touch of sweetener if desired.


Step 5: Pour the bulletproof dandelion coffee into a mug and enjoy hot.


Recipe and photography by Kate Kasbee

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