What Is A Cleanse?

What Is A Cleanse?


The buzzy term “cleanse” is something you’ve most likely heard — it gets tossed around a lot. Maybe you’ve tried a cleanse, or maybe you’re wondering “What is a cleanse?” Are cleanses healthy? Or, is cleansing just another fad selling gimmicky powders and pricey juices?

In our view, no. A legitimate cleanse is a specific protocol which aims to empower you without stressing the body — it’s not a crash and burn approach. A well-executed cleanse (like our signature 21-Day Program or our shorter 7-Day Cleanse) involves identifying and eliminating stressors to the body, dietetic and environmental, and removing them for a period of time as much as possible.

Factors we can’t control, like environmental pollution, can be handled better when the body is deeply nourished and hydrated, and when we support its intrinsic detoxification processes with probiotics, targeted supplementation, and modalities like gravity method colon cleansing, dry brushing, and infrared saunas.

A good cleansing protocol facilitates rest and relief from foods we may be sensitive to, generates tissue repair and healing, and improves and optimizes eliminative organ function. Sometimes a cleanse may even help you lose weight. The Clean Program also removes common allergens and inflammatory foods, allowing deeper digestive and systemic healing to occur.


Our bodies have an amazing, intrinsic ability to heal and detoxify — that’s true, and the detoxification process is ongoing. That said, our current era places an enormous toxic burden on the body via plastics, poor food options, environmental contaminants and pollution, and chronic stress. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) reports detectable levels of more than 200 environmental contaminants like flame retardants, pesticides, BPA from plastics, and tobacco smoke by-products in the blood and urine of large sample groups.

Many of us suffer from chronic constipation, and inflamed and impaired GI tracts. There is no doubt our bodies are dramatically overburdened, and supporting the body through safe, effective cleansing protocols makes sense.


So what should you look for in a good cleansing program? Additionally, how do you ensure your cleanse actually works? At Clean we encourage you to:

  • Pre-cleanse. Prepare your body before you embark on your 21-Day Program; this is especially important if you have never cleansed before, if your diet is high in processed foods and animal products, or if you use recreational drugs and alcohol. The aim of your cleanse is rest, repair, and healing. At Clean we provide you with tools that offer maximum benefit to your body with a minimum of stress. A good pre-cleanse plan eases you into your program, while helping minimize detoxification symptoms as you go.
  • Remove problematic foods and substances. Any good cleansing plan involves the removal of refined sugars and starches, industrialized trans fats, fast food, and highly-processed foods. In other words, we want you to ditch the junk. You can still enjoy indulgences and treats, but we teach you how to upgrade your choices with whole foods ingredients; so you can reap the benefits of your cleanse without feeling deprived. We also remove the common allergenic foods on the Clean Program (like corn, soy, and gluten), helping you identify which foods you may be sensitive or intolerant to.
  • Flood the body with hydration and nutrition. Just as we’re kicking junk foods to the curb, we are flooding the body with pure water, hydration from fresh fruits, leafy greens, and vegetables, and polyphenols, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. The body’s natural detoxification functions rely on adequate nutrition for optimal performance. By adopting a nutrient-dense, whole foods diet, and removing dietary stressors contributing to toxic overload, you are empowering your body to function as it is meant to.
  • Heal your gut, and promote healthy digestion with probiotics. High-quality probiotic supplements and fermented foods like sauerkraut, dairy-free kefir, and kimchi help promote a balanced internal ecosystem. The body functions best at all levels when gut flora are thriving and in balance. Probiotics also boost immunity, and promote healthy weight loss.

Remember that any sound cleansing program emphasizes the adoption of ongoing dietary and personal habits that strengthen and nourish the body in functioning as optimally as possible, while attending to gut health and healthy digestion: also crucial for adequate bodily detoxification and toxin elimination.

When the body is empowered and supported by proper nutrition, a healthy diet, and health-promoting lifestyle habits, it is able to rest, repair, heal, and detoxify as it is designed to. Instead of falling back into old habits at the conclusion of your cleansing program, make this an opportunity to make positive lifestyle changes for the better. Allow your renewed sense of well being, glowing skin, and boost in energy inspire you in making the best choices possible for your health — long-term.

Written by Carolyn De Lorenzo

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