Do Cleanses Work?

Do Cleanses Work?


A good cleanse can do wonders for your skin, energy levels, digestion, and overall health. If you’ve never tried a cleanse before, you probably have some questions: What is a cleanse? Are cleanses healthy? And lastly, do cleanses work? Well, yes! Cleanses really work, but your results are dependent on a number of factors.

Here are some of the key factors we’ve found for success:

  • Compliance is key. Once you’ve committed to the 21-Day Program, or whatever cleansing protocol you’ve chosen, make sure to comply with the advice and suggestions you’re given. Tailor your approach as needed within limits, but don’t veer so far off the path that you’re treading water, feeling like you’re not gaining traction, or overwhelmed by detoxification symptoms. At Clean, we outline the cleansing process, step by step, including a pre-cleanse phase. Our protocol is designed to optimize your results, while minimizing detoxification symptoms and discomfort.
  • Digestion is everything. There’s no way around this one — adequate digestion and elimination are essential to a successful and healthy cleanse, not to mention your overall wellbeing. If you’re struggling with digestive issues, during or after your cleanse, feel free to reach out. You may encounter questions or symptoms we can help you with, and our Wellness Coaches are here to support your success. Be sure to eliminate the allergens we’ve identified for you during your cleanse, drink plenty of pure water, and take probiotics to help heal and strengthen your GI tract.
  • Get plenty of rest. Your body is engaged in deep tissue repair, detoxification, and healing during a cleanse. Adequate rest is crucial to good health, and is especially important during your cleansing program. Try to get at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep, each and every night.
  • Respect your limits. At Clean we encourage a slow and steady approach to healing, cleansing, and weight loss. Our aim is to empower you to succeed, and inspire you to adopt long-term, health-generating habits. Don’t feel you need to push past your comfort zone too much, or adopt extreme fasting protocols. There are many detoxification methods available, some are even ancient, but they won’t all be right for you. We promote a moderate approach to cleansing, without deprivation, that gives you optimal results.
  • Manage stress levels with meditation, deep breathing, nature walks, Activity, yoga, or talks with a counselor, coach, or friend. There are many powerful stress management methods available. Stress is one of the main contributing factors to gut dysfunction and chronic health conditions, and you might experience some emotional upheaval during your cleanse. We often lean on poor habits, alcohol, or junk foods to soothe stress and emotional upset in our lives. Cleansing protocols like our 21-Day Program ask you to release less-than-ideal coping mechanisms for better, truly health-generating ones. Many are surprised by how emotional the cleansing process can be, but this is all part of the healing process.
  • Activity, stretch, and engage in healthy forms of movement. The benefits of Activity are amazing; it improves virtually every function of the body, not to mention your mood. Listen to your body during your cleanse — rest as much as you need to, but definitely move! Walking, dance, yoga, tai chi, and time spent outdoors are essential adjuncts to your program.

Research shows that foods and substances such as fresh fruits and vegetables, spirulina, milk thistle, ginseng, and zinc support the body’s detoxification pathways, cleanse tissue of heavy metals, and promote overall, systemic detoxification. Well designed and executed cleanses, with an emphasis on good digestive elimination and gut health, are a powerful way to transform your health and your life. But in many ways, like anything else–your cleanse is what you make of it.

Set yourself up for success by making the best choices you can, complying with the protocols, and adopting a steady and committed pace to healing and weight loss during your cleanse. We know the results you achieve will inspire you, and motivate you in adopting health-promoting habits long-term.

Written by Carolyn De Lorenzo

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