7 Ideas Before You Start The Clean Program

7 Ideas Before You Start The Clean Program


When a person starts the Clean Program, they often want to know what to expect. “How will I feel? What will happen each week?” While there is a general progression that a person goes through during the program, every person’s experience is a little bit different.

1. Keep Going

The most common advice we received from our community was to keep going. The Clean Program dramatically changes our lifestyle and food habits. Giving up alcohol, caffeine, and sugar can be challenging during the first few days. When you keep going, you gradually experience more and more of the benefits of the program as you support your body’s natural detox pathways.

“Don’t give up after the first few days. I had terrible headaches the first couple days, but they subsided and then I was feeling so much better, it was amazing.”

“Stick with it! The cravings really do subside and nothing tastes as good as healthy feels:)”

2. Get Prepared

The second best piece of advice is to get prepared. When someone spends some time reviewing the guide that comes with the Clean kit they get the “why” of detox. The stronger your reasons why, the more likely you’ll finish you the program. Here are a few great tips to get prepared:

“Put yourself in the most conducive environment that you can. Don’t do the cleanse during an extremely stressful time, family crisis, or the holidays, when you will not be in your own home environment.”

“Go shopping! Read labels and look through recipes to find alternatives for your favorite ‘dirty’ foods. If you don’t feel deprived, you can use that mental energy to learn and try new things during this growth experience.”

“Read everything. Follow the plan as closely as you can and prioritize your eating above all else for those 21 days.”

3. Do the Pre-cleanse

The pre-cleanse is like the warmup phase of a workout. When you jump into a workout too quickly you risk pulling a muscle. Take three days before you start your program to switch over to the cleanse diet and remove caffeine. This simple pre-cleanse will prime your body and get you ready for the full program.

“I highly recommend you do the pre-cleanse. It eliminated a lot of the headaches and unpleasant symptoms that can come from a detox.”

4. Take a Before and After Photo

There’s nothing like evidence to see how much you’ve changed. A picture can show the outer benefits of the program like less bloating, weight loss, clearer skin, brighter eyes, and a reduction in inflammation and puffiness.

“I took a photo before I started because I wanted to see if there were any clearly visible changes. There were. I lost some weight and my skin was clearer. But the real benefit of having the photo was that it served as a reminder that I have the power to make real changes to my health.”

5. Every Meal is a New Start

One cleanser found an inspirational way to remind us not to worry if we make a mistake during the program. She tells us that every meal is a new start. Too often our health practices are weighted with shame and guilt, but we have the power to recommit to our health with each meal.

“Be patient with yourself. Use the valuable tools from the website to learn as much as you can. Don’t be afraid to slip up. Each meal can be a fresh start and you can start new the next morning.”

6. Change is Possible

Every year we see more and more people improving their health with the Clean Program. If you feel like your health is not where you want it to be, we encourage you to give the Clean Program a try. If you have tried it and are still in need of more support, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team and book a free appointment with our health coaches.

“It is possible to change habits, even the ones you think you are addicted to (not eating sugar, having coffee, eating bread). And it’s even possible to like new things like kale:)”

7. Do It for Yourself

When you decide that you are worthy enough of your own love and care, incredible changes can happen. The Clean Program is one of the best tools to improve your health. The best part is that when you start feeling good, the by-product of doing the program for yourself is that you have more energy to contribute to others.

“Follow this program because you want to, not because clean eating is a fad. Remember that you deserve to have a healthy mind, body, and spirit and this is an amazing path to achieve that.”

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