5 Adaptogens To Cleanse Body & Mind

5 Adaptogens To Cleanse Body & Mind

Ayurveda considers the buildup of toxins, or "ama", to be the underlying cause of many diseases, placing great emphasis on using adaptogenic herbs to enhance our body's natural detoxification processes.

Fall is an especially important time to detox the body and mind, as we prepare for winter. It is a great moment to boost our own body's resilience and immune function to be better prepared for the winter season. We can do this by enhancing our own naturally-existing detoxification system with adaptogenic herbs.

Ayurveda—the 5000-year-old science of life and longevity—considers the buildup of toxins, or "ama", to be the underlying cause of many diseases, which is why it places great emphasis on using adaptogenic herbs to enhance our body's natural detoxification processes.

So, what are adaptogens? Adaptogens are known to allow the body to resist adverse physical, chemical, or biological stressors, allowing it to regain equilibrium in the immune, nervous, and hormonal systems and thus be in a better position to fight disease. Because they help our body respond better to stress, they have also shown to help maintain steady energy production and reduce signs of fatigue.  ⁠⁠

Some important Ayurvedic adaptogens that we include in our Clean 7 and Clean 21 cleanse programs are: Tulsi or holy basil, Triphala, Turmeric, Ashwagandha, and Neem, among others. We want to highlight these 5 Ayurvedic adaptogens below. Plus, find out more about 12 Powerful Ayurvedic Herbs and Spices with Health Benefits here.

Tulsi Holy Basil

In ancient Hindu scriptures, Tulsi is considered a gateway between heaven and earth and "the elixir of life," as it promotes longevity for the numerous health benefits it brings. It's a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory herb that supports our body's ability to remove toxins and improve heart health.


Triphala is a well-known Ayurvedic herbal rejuvenating formula of natural medicine and supplementation that cleanses and improves functioning in the GI tract. It is made up of Amla, Haritaki & Bibhitaki. Specifically, it supports digestion and assimilation, as well as healthy elimination. It is mostly known for helping "cleanse" our system, removing fat and toxins from our gut.⁠⁠


Turmeric is widely known as an anti-inflammatory spice, root, or adaptogen that supports the digestive, detoxification, circulatory, respiratory, and female reproductive processes in the body. Grown in the tropical parts of Asia, it's bitter in taste, heating, and its strong yellow pigment signals increasing fluidity and blood circulation. ⁠⁠


Neem is often referred to as “the village dispensary” in India because all parts of the herb are considered to be therapeutic. Its cooling effect adds to its antifungal, antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Because of this, neem stands out for its treatment of skin inflammation, general oral health, and immune protection against parasites and worms. ⁠⁠


Ashwagandha is one of the most widely used herbs in Ayurvedic medicine around the world because of its calming and stress-stabilizing wonders. It has been shown to reduce inflammation, improve memory and brain function, and act as a strong anti-aging force because of its antioxidant properties. Ashwagandha can help us return to a feeling of balance.


In our programs, we include these herbs in our Cleanse Shake formula or in the supplements (or both). This is what makes our cleanse unique, not only do we include probiotics and the nutrients our body needs to boost detox, we also include the phytochemicals in herbs that help restore balance in our body and mind.  

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