4 Ways To Sustain Healthy Habits Post-Cleanse

4 Ways To Sustain Healthy Habits Post-Cleanse

It's common to feel incredible during the cleanse. So, ideally, we want to sustain some of these feelings going forward, even if not on the program. Check out some of the features of Clean 21 that you can maintain long-term.

How can you continue experiencing the benefits of the program? It's common to feel incredible during the cleanse: with an increased sense of energy, mental clarity, deeper sleep, clearer and brighter skin, lightness, and motivation to do the things we most love. Ideally, we want to sustain some of these feelings going forward, even if not on the program. 

Our 21-day program is an excellent way to try out healthy habits that you can actually sustain in time. Since this is not a crazy fad diet or juicing day and night, our daily protocol is actually pretty sustainable and feasible to keep long term. What are some of its features you can maintain? Check out these four below:

1) Learn What Foods are Best for You

For one, you'll be able to find out what are the foods that you suspect are causing you to have reactions or inflammation. You'll discover what are these foods in the Reintroduction phase at the end of your program. Once you know which foods you might be more sensible to, you can opt to eliminate them from your day-to-day and enjoy them only occasionally if you want to. 

2) Cover Your Daily Nutritional Needs with Supplements

Second, you can continue to experience the benefits of adding an extra boost of nutrients and supplements to your daily life. For this, we especially curated our Maintenance Kit, with Daily Shake (our organic protein powder), Cultivate (our probiotic), Balance (our EPA-DHA supplement for added Omega 3's), and Shine (our Vitamin D3+K2 supplement). The importance of having adequate protein intake, a balanced microbiome, taking Omega 3's, and Vitamin D for immunity and mood, have been widely documented. This is why we suggest these supplements for ongoing nutritional support.

We now also offer Complete, our mutivitamin-mineral to cover any ongoing nutritional gaps you might have in your diet. 

3) One Liquid Meal a Day

During our Clean 21 program you have two liquid meals a day, one for breakfast and one for dinner. We suggest trying to sustain one liquid meal a day to help enhance your detox system and rest your digestive system. Liquid meals are easier to digest and suppose a lower energy expenditure than a solid meal.

When you decrease the digestive load, you free up energetic and nutritional resources to allocate to other bodily processes and functions. This is also probably why during the program we usually feel an increased sense of energy and vitality, plus feel more mentally focused. 

Whenever possible, start or end your day with a shake. Add a protein powder to your shake and some healthy fats to make sure it's balanced and will keep your blood sugar at bay. Many have a shake a day from Monday to Friday or a few times a week and find this helps in feeling energetic and less bloated during the day.

4) Continue Implementing the 12-hr Fasting Window

As taking one liquid meal a day, maintaining a 12-hr fast each day at minimum is a great way to sustain your clean lifestyle. The 12 hours are what we recommend minimally to allow enough time for our bodies to digest our last meal and give our cells some time to rest and repair. These processes are very important for cell rejuvenation and autophagy, or eating up diseased or senescent cells. The more time you can fast, the more this process intensifies.

*If you want to implement fasts that extend for more than 16 hrs we suggest you seek guidance from your medical practitioner. 

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