5 Powerful Habits To Supercharge Your Morning Routine

5 Powerful Habits To Supercharge Your Morning Routine

A great morning routine can make all the difference between an empowered start to the day, and dragging ourselves out of bed following several taps of the snooze button while feeling pretty cranky. While it can take a bit of discipline and commitment to set an extra 20 to 30 minutes aside for morning self-care, over time, the practice becomes a habit — and even something we look forward to. Taking the time to supercharge your morning routine sets the tone for the rest of our day, and it doesn’t have to be super complicated.

What helps get you going

Whatever practices you choose as part of your itinerary for morning self-care, keep it simple. There is no one-size-fits-all routine that gels best with everyone, but successful morning routines have similar components in common: they’re tailored to the individual, they’re holistically-oriented, and they’re at least somewhat fun to repeat daily. If you don’t enjoy your self-care practices, or at least find them fulfilling and satisfying to complete, you won’t stick with the program. Here are five ways to help you get energized, inspired, and focused for the day ahead.

Make Your Bed

Making your bed upon rising helps signals that sleep is done, and it’s time to start the day. Making the bed every day also requires just a bit of discipline that helps give us a feeling of accomplishment and order — which is a great way to set the tone for the day moving forward.


An early morning five-minute meditation practice promotes clarity, focus, and presence — and it helps us start the day from a place of calm. Try to resist the urge to make a beeline for your tech devices immediately upon waking up; instead, take a beat, devote five minutes to whatever meditation practice you like best, and give yourself some mental space to start your day peacefully.


Hydrating your body upon rising with pure water — even before your coffee or tea — is important. With several hours passing during sleep sans hydration, a tall glass of water or two is a great morning habit to get into. And the Ayurvedic practice of adding a squeeze of lemon to a cup of warm water may help to clear the digestive tract of built-up toxins while supporting the liver, and is super refreshing first thing in the morning.


A quick morning stretch routine can help soothe stiff joints, get your blood flow pumping, and provide a major boost of energy to help relieve any morning grogginess. An early morning stretch routine can also help boost brain activity, and help create sustainable energy throughout the day — and if you workout later in the afternoon after work, warming up in the earlier part of the day can help protect your muscles and prevent injuries. Just remember to warm up again before your workout, and take a few minutes to cool down after too.

Express Gratitude & Set Intentions

Taking five minutes to journal three to ten things that you’re grateful for every morning while setting a few positive intentions for the day — like completing a project, calling a friend, or committing to an evening yoga class, is a great way to establish an empowered mindset before work and daily responsibilities kick into full gear.

While it can definitely take some willpower upfront to implement a new morning self-care routine, the benefits are more than worth it. As best you can, try to get to bed a bit earlier each night so you can give yourself that extra time to supercharge your morning routine — a solid morning routine will help ensure that you’re energized and focused, and ready to greet the challenges of the oncoming day.

Written by the Clean Team

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