The Best Guided Meditation Studios To Get Your Om On

The Best Guided Meditation Studios To Get Your Om On


Guided meditation sounds so simple in theory but the act of focusing the mind in a specific way can be quite intimidating in practice, especially for those of us accustomed to constant emails, notifications, and to-do lists. Learning how to zen-out in the digital age can be a challenge, to say the least.

Daily routines are important whether it’s a mindful morning routine, a daily breakfast ritual, or taking the time to move our bodies to get those endorphins pumping. Making time for meditation can seem impossible, but slowing down can actually leave us feeling like we have more time to get things done and conquer the day ahead.

Finding serenity through mindfulness meditation on our own is possible on a daily basis and only takes a few minutes but we find having a group or guru to guide us is best when starting out or trying to lengthen, strengthen, and deepen your meditation practice.

The Power of Guided Meditation

Looking for an easy, fast way to feel better at any time? Guided meditation walks you through the experience of meditating so that it becomes effortless. Meditation can help reduce stress-causing cortisol levels in your system. Too much cortisol, a stress hormone, can cause imbalances in our body leading to unpleasant consequences such as brain fog and even excess belly fat.

We highly recommend guided meditation to anyone trying the 21-Day Clean Program as a way to unwind, stay grounded, and center your mind around what truly matters even when faced with the challenges of a cleanse.

Guided Meditation Anywhere

Studios are opening up nationwide with the goal of making meditation more accessible to Westerners. Think boutique fitness, but for your mind. For those interested in focusing the mind but not used to sitting on the floor, staring with our eyes open for thirty minutes, or even just taking a moment away from our thoughts, guided meditation is a gentle way to ease into a sustainable meditation practice.

We have selected our favorite guided meditation studios on both coasts. All have various class offerings that tend to the needs of beginners. Here are six great choices to get your practice started:


This young meditation studio features a living plant wall, cozy sitting area, plenty of snacks and over a dozen teachers to walk you through mindfulness from basic breath classics to a sleep class for deprived New Yorkers. Every month, they throw down the gauntlet of a 30-day challenge for those new to the practice — many of whom end up coming back for more.

10 East 8th Street, NYC

The Den

With “classes to fit every lifestyle,” look for a setting that meets your lifestyle goals at The Den. Choose from sessions focused on Happiness, Reiki Healing, or a quick Lunch Time Detox if you need a mid-day breath.

360 S. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles

Medi Club

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Calling themselves “Modern Meditators” — because they’re not interested in the label “millennial” — young and curious meditators gather around NYC in this trendy community. Sign up for the club’s newsletter for information on upcoming sittings.

Various locations, NYC

Shambhala Meditation Center of Los Angeles

A more traditional Tibetan Buddhist spiritual center, Shambhala’s methods center on “discovering one’s own innate goodness and the goodness in society” and finding the good nature that’s fundamental in everyone. Sounds like an amazing life path to us!

Various locations, Los Angeles

The Path

Sit with CEOs and socialites alike at this community-focused meditation that ends every session with time for networking and exchanging ideas. The clientele may be chic, but they’re just as interested in talking about that blissful moment as their next start-up idea.

The Standard Hotel, NYC

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