The 7 Best Instagram Accounts That Will Inspire Your Health

The 7 Best Instagram Accounts That Will Inspire Your Health


We’ve rounded up a list of the best Instagram accounts from around the globe that always manage to motivate us when they pop up in our feed. From their rants on how to live your healthiest life, to perfectly plated (and photographed) veggie arrays, check out these accounts for healthy eating, fitness, and living tips and tricks each time you log into the ‘gram.

Staying healthy isn’t always easy if our friends and loved ones aren’t along for the ride which is why social media is such a powerful tool for constant motivation to keep up with you personal goals. Our list of the best Instagram accounts of today is the perfect way to motivate yourself whether you’re on a cleanse or just trying to live your healthiest life.

The 7 Best Instagram Accounts to Inspire Your Health

1. Sophia Roe @sophia_roe

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This New York-based chef is known for her passionate rants about clean living, self-love, and eating natural foods that fuel our bodies. She’s launching a new project called Brain Beauty Project and we can’t wait to see where her passion for eating right takes her. Whatever it is, we’re coming along for the ride.

2. Nikisha Brunson @nikishabrunson

Nikisha started building her online presence with her YouTube channel, Urban Bush Babes that she shares with another curly-haired influencer, because of the wanted to share her natural hair tips, mask recipes, and concoctions with women around the world. She’s since launched her own natural beauty line, Folie, that continues to spread her mission to help women with their natural beauty needs. Additionally, she works with sustainable fashion brands and shares education on the importance of thinking about where your clothes come from.

3. Sasha Exeter @sashaexeter

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Shout out to our Canadian Clean community members — you’d be hard pressed to not find Sasha running through the streets of Toronto for her weekly sessions or hitting up one of the coolest studios. Scheduling a week of workouts definitely takes organization and discipline. As she shares with us, “It’s easy to let a workout get away from you and to have one too many cheat meals in a week if you don’t hold yourself accountable. The best way to do that is to write things down. Having your workouts/runs planned out on a calendar at the beginning of the week will help you stay on track. Logging each meal in an app also works wonders. I love using Lark on my Apple Watch and iPhone. It’s like having a nutritionist on hand 24/7. I can input what I’ve eaten and receive real-time, immediate feedback on what I’ve consumed and how I can make better choices.”

Excuse us while we follow Sahsa and download this.

4. Remi Ishizuka @rrayyme

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The #BBG community is full of inspiring accounts from all around the world and many like China Alexander of @GetFitBrooklyn and Sarita Walsh aka @saaereeee have kept up with their active non-stop lifestyles even on the 21-Day Clean Program. Another in this crew to keep your eye on is Remi Ishizuka — a girl who is not afraid to tackle new workout routines. We’ve been following her fitness journey and loving that it takes her from yoga to spin to high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and even stairs. Variety is the spice of life, right? Oh, and her workout outfits, are definitely #goals too.

5. Natasha James @rawcells

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So we all know that Clean eating is great, but what about when you want to cheat and not feel totally bad about it? Rawcells has us believing that healthy treats can be SO much better than the sugar-filled snacks that are seemingly hard to avoid. This bold gal has created a line of vegan snacks and treats that would have your local sugar-laden bakery feeling extremely jealous plus her warm-but-still-cool branding is on so point. If you’re not in her local area, her Instagram is packed with delicious recipes for some serious DIY inspo.

6. Jamie Francis @jamiexfrancis

This gal has an intuitive knack for making all of her dishes take on the look of a culinary masterpiece. Her plant-based meals look almost too good to eat. Although something tells us it would be pretty hard not to. Who said that you can’t play with your food? Clearly, it’s more beautiful than we could have ever imagined!

7. Lea @veganfortheworld

One of the best Instagram accounts comes from a talented 16-year-old who seems to have the whole ‘vegan’ thing locked down. And from the looks of her smoothie bowls, it looks like she’s figured out how to defy the laws of gravity too. Her bowls look so delicious they make us want to climb into our iPhones and emerge on the on the other side to her kitchen in German. But until then, we’ll just continue to drool at her feed and turn on notification requests for this gal. Take your Daily Shakes to the next level and check out yessupply for three of her favorite recipes #nicecream.

Written by Reese Evans, founder of Yessupply

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