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This vitamin D supplement provides optimal bioavailability. Vitamin D tablets improve arterial health, mood stability, and bone density. Shine comes in two forms: 1,000 IU and 5,000 IU for a more targeted dosage.

Currently only Shine 1000 is available. Stay tuned for exciting D3 updates coming soon!

Shine 1000: 1000 IU

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California Residents: Prop 65 Warning

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Delivers 1,000 or 5,000 IU of the preferred form of vitamin D. Our vitamin D3 supplements help maintain healthy teeth, brain, and nervous system, as well as strengthen immune defenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What formats do Shine 1000 and 5000 come in?

Shine 1000 comes in easy-to-swallow micro tablets. Shine 5000 comes in easy-to-swallow soft gels, solubilized in oil to assist absorption in the digestive tract. Both D3 products are derived from lanolin oil, a by-product of sheep's wool that is 100% natural, and proudly animal cruelty-free.

Who is Shine 5000 for?

Shine 5000 is designed to quickly replenish vitamin D levels and is particularly helpful during winter months, as well as for those with low vitamin D levels. We recommend checking vitamin D levels 2-3 months after beginning a supplement regime, and adjusting based on your practitioner's recommendations.


Can I take Shine while on the Clean Program?

All of our Programs meet daily needs of D3. You will not need to take additional D3 while on the Clean Program. You can pause additional D3 supplements until post-program.


California residents Prop 65

WARNING: Consuming this product can expose you to lead, which is known to the State of California to cause reproductive harm. For more information go to

Read Clean's statement on California Prop 65 here