New Daily Shake Is Here! Dr. Junger Shares The Scoop On His Enhanced Formulation

New Daily Shake Is Here! Dr. Junger Shares The Scoop On His Enhanced Formulation

This simplified organic protein powder formula features only five nutrient-packed ingredients, hand picked and curated by Dr. Junger himself!

I am often asked by patients "What is one habit that could change your life for the better?" and my answer is repeatedly to replace one of your meals every day with a shake.

The shake has to have certain qualities for this to be true. The simplest, minimum ingredients necessary for the body's optimal functioning that requires the body the least work to digest and absorb it.

My patients constantly told me that it was hard to find, that they had to buy the ingredients separately and blend them together. So I designed the shake that I want to use every day instead of a solid meal. The shake can be your breakfast, your lunch, or your dinner. Or, if you need a healthy snack in between meals, this would be the perfect one.

I wanted to create a simple shake, with simple ingredients that is easy to digest and absorb and packed with all the nutrients the body needs in order to maintain the great results I got whenever I myself completed the Clean 21 program, which Ideally I do once a year at minimum.

The result is the Clean Daily Shake. Here are the ingredients and the thinking behind each one:


Clean Daily Shake contains a mixture of organic rice and pea protein. Both with great bioavailability and the added benefit of being easier to digest than whey. Protein is essential for optimal functioning, preserving muscle (the organ of our longevity) and assuring that blood sugar levels remain balanced without spikes that induce cravings for sugar. Protein is also essential for the liver to do its work of detoxification. 

Organic Moringa 

This plant's leaves contain every nutrient that the body needs to sustain a healthy vibrancy.

Years ago I studied with Dr Narendra Singh, a legendary MD who was also an Ayurvedic doctor. He told me that during war times in India, he was traveling with a battalion that got stranded between mountains and a river while escaping from the enemy. They had to live there for several weeks and their food supplies were finished in a few days. The only thing in sight were several Moringa trees. The 50 or so soldiers that were traveling with him survived on only moringa and water from the river. Many of them noticed that symptoms and illnesses that they had been suffering from had completely resolved by the time they left.

That is the power of Moringa. 


It is now irrefutable that probiotics help resolve many chronic dysfunctions. The intestinal flora is the first thing that goes off and years later people are diagnosed with all kinds of chronic diseases. Maintaining a healthy population of bugs in your intestines is paramount for your own health.

Psyllium Husk

In order to keep any population of living beings thriving, you need to provide the right nourishment. This is also key with the population of microorganisms in your gut and Psyllium Husk is the perfect food for them: plant fiber.

It also helps bowel movements and reduces bad cholesterol as well as binds to toxins that are better off eliminated than absorbed.

Not only are the ingredients I chose in this new version of the Clean Daily Shake a step up from our last one, the flavor went up 10 notches too! I used to think that the best ingredients necessarily taste worse. Not any more. 

Give it a try, and I’m sure you’ll love the Clean Daily Shake just as much as my Team and I do. Remember, this is not just a meal replacement;  it’s a step towards a healthy, more vibrant life. Enjoy the journey! 


- Dr. Alejandro Junger