Persimmon Smoothie For A Taste Of Something Different

Persimmon Smoothie For A Taste Of Something Different


Have you tried this beautiful orange fruit before? A persimmon tastes like a hybrid between a plum and tomato and they originate from China. These nutritional powerhouses are anti-inflammatory and high in antioxidants.

We’ve added even more anti-inflammatory value to this persimmon smoothie by adding turmeric. This is the perfect way to enjoy a fruit you might not be accustomed to, while changing up the nutrients you get in your morning shake.

Persimmons are normally grown in warm dry climates (normally in California or in the south when grown in the U.S.). These golden sweet gems contain 55% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin A. These are also great to incorporate into your diet within the colder months when you’re more likely to get sick because they are filled with vitamin C and will help strengthen your immune system. Persimmons are also rich in manganese, which provides nourishment to your skin and lungs.

Persimmon smoothie benefits

Persimmons are also a great source of fiber, which aids in proper digestive function, which is why we love adding them to a smoothie in the morning. The B vitamins in persimmons also help to stabilize the metabolic system and provide you with necessary minerals to produce energy throughout the day. There are actually a few different types of persimmons, but for this recipe we are using Hachiya.

This smoothie does contain natural sugars which occur in fruits, but the fiber that is also in the mango and persimmons will stabilize your blood sugar levels so you aren’t left with a sugar rush or crash. We also like to add coconut meat, coconut milk, or coconut flakes to my smoothies to add healthy fats, which provide omega-3 fatty acids as well as help to keep you feeling fuller for longer to avoid cravings.

Loaded with turmeric benefits

Turmeric can have a strong bitter taste, but when you add a little to a naturally sweet smoothie, its taste is almost undetectable. The benefits of turmeric are outstanding. Along with being a powerful antioxidant, it’s a great anti-inflammatory, among other myriads of benefits.

It’s always good to try something new and introduce a new food into your diet. When you eat the same foods all the time, it not only gets old after a while but your body isn’t exposed to different nutrients and minerals from other foods. Try something different for breakfast!

Persimmon Smoothie

Makes 1 Serving


½ persimmon

½ cup frozen mango

1 cup unsweetened almond milk

2 tablespoons coconut flakes

½ teaspoon Purify

2 scoops of Vanilla Daily Shake



Blend all of your smoothie ingredients in a high-speed blender until smooth.


Pour into glass and enjoy!


Recipe and photos by Dorit Jaffe

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