The Best Lamb Taco Recipe For A Clean Lunch

The Best Lamb Taco Recipe For A Clean Lunch


Spring is the season for local grass-fed lamb, and for omnivores this is one of the healthiest cuts of meat you can find. We belive in finding good quality animal protein. We offer this 21-Day Clean Program and allergy-friendly version of a favorite meal — the lamb taco!

The wonderful thing about a recipe like this, is that it is very flexible. Depending on your preferences you can change the protein, use a lettuce leaf instead of a brown rice wrap, and the toppings can be whatever you desire! In replacement for the lamb, we can use organic chicken, turkey or even fish (we also have an amazing fish taco recipe here). Vegetarians can make these with sauteed mushrooms or your choice of beans. Endless possibilities, all of them delicious and nutritious, so dig in!


Lamb Tacos Ingredients:

2 tablespoons coconut oil

4 ounces pasture-raised lamb

2 medium sized summer squash or radishes

¼ cup minced onions + another 2 tablespoons for garnish

1 garlic clove, peeled and minced

1 tablespoon fajita/taco seasoning

sea salt to taste


2 tablespoons minced red onions

freshly chopped cilantro

freshly made guacamole or sliced avocado

handful of sprouts (optional)

Taco Shells:

romaine lettuce and/or brown rice tortilla wraps (these will be soft tacos)


Heat a large saute pan over high heat.

Melt the coconut oil and continue to heat until lightly smoking.

Add the lamb and allow one side to brown for 3 minutes before flipping over.

Once the lamb is flipped, add the summer squash (and/or zucchini), garlic, onion, and taco seasoning.

Stir vigorously to incorporate all the ingredients.

Continue to cook until the lamb is cooked through and the vegetables are soft.

Season to taste with sea salt.

To serve:

Lay a few romaine leaves or brown rice tortillas on a plate.

Cover with the lamb and vegetables.

Top with the additional 2 tablespoons red onions and cilantro.

Smear the shell edges with guacamole or layer avocado slices on top.

Recipe: Frank Giglio

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