These Turmeric Chocolate Energy Bites Are Antioxidant-Rich

These Turmeric Chocolate Energy Bites Are Antioxidant-Rich


Turmeric is one of our favorite spices to include in recipes. It’s been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine as an anti-inflammatory adaptogen. Turmeric is used for liver support, joint pain, arthritis, headaches, fighting any harmful invaders, and repairing any damage done to your body. Our Vanilla Daily Shake adds a great protein boost to these for an excellent post-workout snack!

Fight inflammation with dessert

Chronic inflammation is the culprit for many western illnesses including Alzheimer’s, heart disease, cancer, and other degenerative diseases. Curcumin and turmeric are both extremely powerful and have been shown to be just as strong as some anti-inflammatory drugs.

The secret to receiving optimal benefits is by taking turmeric with black pepper, or else it won’t be properly absorbed into your blood system. This is why we included a little bit of black pepper in this recipe so that your body will absorb these healing nutrients more efficiently.

Antioxidant benefits

Turmeric is also high in antioxidants, which neutralizes free radicals and stimulates your body’s production of antioxidant enzymes. Oxidative damage has been linked to wrinkles from aging and many other diseases. By taking turmeric regularly you will be preventing these harmful effects and alleviate any painful symptoms you may experience from any illness.

Not only is this recipe healing, it also is the perfect snack or breakfast option. By using the Daily Shake protein powder you receive more protein (and flavor!), healthy fats from the almond butter, and healing effects from the turmeric. The shredded coconut adds a nice texture to these energy bites and also provide heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids to this recipe. We would having 1-2 energy bites per serving.

Chocolate on top

The chocolate sauce drizzled on top is naturally sweetened with maple syrup (or coconut nectar) and when mixed with the raw cacao it makes these bites taste like a decadent dessert. Raw cacao is full of magnesium and iron, two minerals which provide energy. Instead of buying pre-made processed protein bars or sugary snacks, these bites will give you the protein you crave post workout and the energy to keep you going throughout the day. The best part is they only take about 15 minutes to whip up!

Turmeric Energy Bites

Makes 15 energy bites


1 cup raw almond butter

¾ cup coconut flakes

4 Tbsp Vanilla Daily Shake or hemp protein powder

1 Tbsp coconut oil

6 Tbsp maple syrup (or coconut nectar if cleansing)

1 tsp. ground cinnamon

2 tsp. turmeric

Pinch of black pepper

¼ tsp. pink himalayan sea salt

Chocolate sauce

1 Tbsp. raw cacao powder

1 ½ Tbsp maple syrup (or coconut nectar, if cleansing)


Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper and gather your ingredients together.


In your food processor, blend together all of the turmeric energy bite ingredients together until mixture is smooth and sticks together. You may need to add more sweetener to taste.


Scoop out 1 Tbsp of the mixture to roll into balls.


Once you’ve rolled all of your energy bites, set aside. To make the chocolate sauce: in a separate bowl mix the raw cacoa powder and maple syrup. Generously drizzle the chocolate sauce on top of the turmeric bites. Place in refrigerator to keep fresh.


Recipe and photography by Dorit Jaffe

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