What Is Functional Medicine After All?

What Is Functional Medicine After All?

Functional medicine looks at why a person has specific chronic health issues, not what is chronically wrong and only treating the symptoms. Our Clean 21 cleanse aims at rebalancing our 7 systems of the body to boost vibrancy and overall health.

In 2009, Dr. Alejandro Junger was a pioneer in the health and wellness space, one of the first to talk about detox, cleansing, gut health, and the interconnected web between detoxification and maintaining thriving health for anyone at any age.

Clean 21, our signature 21-day detox program, is an extension of Dr. Junger's medical practice as it has been designed after years of experience helping people heal and feel better. But what makes Clean 21 so special is its emphasis on blending the best of functional medicine, western medicine, and eastern medicine to deliver lasting results for over 200,000 people who have done the cleanse.

Functional medicine uses specialized training and techniques to find the root causes of complex illnesses. Think of it like an integrated system where a multi-pronged approach is used to get to the root of a health issue rather than treat the symptoms. Functional medicine looks at why a person has specific chronic health issues, not what is chronically wrong. Therefore, we see more and more people gravitate to the healing powers of functional medicine to address the root causes of their health issues, usually through a combination of changes in lifestyle and eating habits.

In order to find the root causes of disease, functional medicine places much attention on the patient. It's patient-centered approach to disease management allows the practitioners time to listen and ask questions about the patient's lives and medical history. This approach is very different from the modern medicine "7-minutes per patient," that as Dr. Junger describes in his books. With time and personalized attention, a practitioner can arrive at the causes of disease—being it poor diet, excessive toxin load or lack of proper detoxification, stress, vitamin or mineral imbalances, pathogens, microbiome imbalances, among many othersand find effective personalized ways to treat those root causes, not the symptoms.

Our Clean 21 cleanse program is a holistic and integral program that attempts to improve the functioning in all body systems. Functional medicine views the body as an interconnected web composed of 7 body systems: Biotransformation & Elimination (detoxification), Energy, Communication (hormone & nervous communication), Structural Integrity (bone & muscles), Digestion & Assimilation, Defense (immune function), and Transport (blood circulation). This systems approach is different from the traditional modern medicine lens of compartmentalizing functions according to organs. Everything is interconnected in our bodies and that is the mindset that led us to the design of our programs. 

Not only does Clean 21 provide you with the blueprint for what to eat and which foods trigger inflammation and disease in the body and how to eliminate them, but it helps introduce you to living a way of life that always honors your own body’s ability to heal itself. Infused with herbs, crafted by Dr. Junger to emphasize detoxification, cleansing and resetting optimal gut health, Clean 21 has a history of proven and sustained results.

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