Top 9 Reasons To Do The Clean Program

 If you have been considering a cleanse, here are the top reasons it may be time to take a deeper dive into detoxing and if it is right for you:  

1. Digestion

The soup of chemicals in the personal-care products we use and the processed foods we eat can make digestion difficult. The Clean Program addresses this issue head on by removing irritating foods and products and supporting improved digestion.

2. Energy and Mental Clarity

Following the Clean Diet shifts us away from hard-to-digest foods and toxic irritants. This way of eating releases a surplus of energy that is now available for detoxification and increased mental clarity.

3. Mood

Many of us depend on stimulants like coffee and sugar and depressants like alcohol to help balance our changing moods. By following the Clean Program and removing these items, you’ll reclaim your body’s natural equilibrium and stabilize your mood.

4. Weight Loss

There are many reasons why weight loss happens during the Clean Program. When you transform your diet, you remove the foods that are mucous forming and water retaining. You also reduce cravings so there is less emotional eating.

But here’s the most important reason: 90% of the toxic chemicals we consume are lipophilic, which means they dissolve only in fat. When you consume them and they enter your blood stream, your body retains and even generates fat to surround the toxic molecule.

The Clean Program helps deal with our toxic burden and aids weight loss by supporting your body’s detox pathways.

5. Discover Which Foods Work for You

During the second part of the cleanse, the Reintroduction phase, you’ll be able to test key toxic trigger foods, like dairy and gluten, to discover which foods don’t work well for you. Using this knowledge, you’ll be ready to create your own personalized food plan.

6. Simple Structure

The simple structure of a shake for breakfast, a clean meal for lunch, and a shake for dinner gives you the energy you need to detox while living your normal life.

7. Long-Term Planning

The Clean Program helps you build healthy daily habits and allows you to discover which foods don’t work best for you. When you put together the recipes, clean habits, personalized diet, and wellness tools you will learn during your cleanse, you’ll have a powerful long-term health plan fit for your lifestyle.

8. Discovering Deeper Issues

Each day our bodies continually battle against the toxins and toxic foods we consume. Burdened all the time, we may not notice certain health challenges until it’s too late. For many people, the Clean Program helps to discover deeper health issues before they do permanent damage.

9. Amazing Support

We’re committed to supporting you every step of the way. We offer free live 1-on-1 wellness coaching, daily phone and email support, and a vibrant online community to guide you before, during, and after your cleanse.

P.S. Wondering if the Clean Program is the right fit for you? Call us at 1-888-497-8417 or email us at and we’ll help you decide.