Questions And Answers With Dr. Junger

Questions And Answers With Dr. Junger

Following the launch of our new Clean 7 cleanse, we asked for all your questions regarding the newest addition to the Clean family. We handed your burning questions over to Dr. Junger himself, and he gave us his insights.

How should I approach the 24 hr fast if I’m new to fasting?

More than anything, approach it with an open mind and no expectations. If you expect to have a difficult time, chances are you will. Instead, ask yourself, how will this affect me? How will my energy levels be? How will I sleep the night after? How will my mind be then? And then observe. Remember, you will be allowing your body to redistribute its energy expenditures and focus on repair and heal, which is a big payoff.

Oops, I accidentally ate something during my fasting window. Now what?

In this case, you can do it again the next day, and try not to have any ‘accidental munching’ then. You are investing time and effort towards your goals, and you don’t want to miss out on the benefits of the experience.

What is an ideal Clean 7 snack?

Anything on the list of allowed foods can be a snack, really. Just remember, the more you snack, the less digestive rest your body attains.

Is it important to follow my dosha?

The program will work without following your dosha, but following the dosha prescriptions will give you a personalized method of going deeper into your cleanse.

I want to do both the 21-Day Program and Clean 7, which one should I do first?

I could argue both ways, but the most important criteria is which one are you most likely to complete first (using scheduling as the guideline). What’s important is not to let doubt paralyze you and have you do neither.

Should I continue taking the supplements after the detox?

It depends on what you want to achieve. It is always a good idea to continue doing what has helped you, so you can apply parts of the cleanse to your daily life. You can continue taking some of the supplements, or you can simply try adopting Intermittent Fasting into your daily life for a while, or try both.

What about exercising during Clean 7?

Mild to moderate exercise is ok, but detoxing times are not marathon-training times.

What should I do on day 8?

There are many things you can do on day 8 and I talk about them in detail in the book, Clean 7. Here are some of my favorite recommendations:

How can I keep up the good habits after the cleanse?

Join a group or make your own group to explore and follow health/wellness plans. Incorporate any of the principles that you learned during Clean 7, like Intermittent Fasting, reducing the workload of the digestive system with a Daily Shake, or see a Functional Medicine doctor or Ayurvedic Medicine practitioner. I recommend following up with daily adaptogenic herbs, as well, especially Nourish (moringa) and Purify (turmeric).

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Written by the Dr Junger and the Clean Team