Support gut health and your natural detoxification processes with one liquid meal per day.

The Benefits Of One Liquid Meal A Day

Support gut health and your natural detoxification processes with one liquid meal per day.

Consuming at least one liquid meal each day is incredibly beneficial for the body. It is a key component of the Clean Program, from Clean 7 to Clean 21, and is fantastic for improving digestion as well as enhancing our natural detoxification system the body.

Clean Program recommends one meal a day in liquid format for better digestion and energy.

It Frees Up Energetic and Nutritional Resources For Your Body to Use

Liquid meals work to speed up the digestive process within the body. Dr. Junger explains in his book, “Solid foods must first be liquified for digestion; this takes energy and time. Liquid meals are practically ready for absorption, bypassing the need and energy expense of being broken down” (Junger, 131). Since the body does not have to work as hard to digest the food, more nutrients can be absorbed at a faster rate and with a smaller energy requirement.

When you consider that digestion and the rest of our body systems require energy and nutrients to function, as you reduce the energy and nutritional requirements for digestion, you free up these resources. Then nutrients and energy can be used for cell repair, rejuvenation, and enzyme and hormone synthesis, among other needed functions for optimal health. This is also why we start seeing so many improvements in skin appearance, quality of sleep, brain fog, reduced inflammation, among many other seemingly-unrelated symptoms when we improve our gut health and enhance our detox processes.

This is why liquid meals are a cornerstone of the Clean Program. 

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Liquid Meals & Clean Program

During the cleansing process with Clean Program, whether with Clean 7 or Clean 21, liquid meals play a key role. "When you combine the Elimination Diet guidelines with liquid meals, as you will do during the Clean Program, you reduce the workload of digestion even further...this helps the detox mode to start sooner, last longer, and consequently clean deeper” (Junger, 133). The body naturally adjusts and is rejuvenated once it has the nutrients and energy it needs to  function properly.

Learn more about liquid meals and Clean Program in Dr. Junger’s book, Clean.

Aid digestion and the detoxification process by eating 1 liquid meal per day on Clean 7 & Clean 21

Tips & Tricks

To fully prepare for a cleanse and incorporate liquid meals into your daily diet, there are a few things that can be done. Dr. Junger advises to, “Prepare a few clean jars and food-grade plastic containers so you are equipped to take your liquid meals and your daily lunches with you to work and elsewhere” (Junger, 152). This will ensure that you will stick to the Clean Program as well as make it convenient for your lifestyle.

Furthermore, “Plan to have the liquid meals for breakfast and dinner and the solid meal for lunch. Eating the food meal at night will be less effective” (Junger, 167). The digestive process takes quite a few hours, so eating solid foods during the day is preferable. When you have a solid meal for dinner, your body needs to invest energy in digestion. This also causes us to have less of a restorative sleep. Replacing a solid meal for a liquid meal for dinner will help you rest better at night.

In addition to that, many people consume a liquid meal for breakfast. Dr. Junger explains that, “The majority of them prefer to have the liquid meal for breakfast. It’s quick and easy to prepare and gives a lighter but still nourishing start to the day,” (Junger, 210). Having a liquid meal for breakfast is super convenient, and will provide you the nutrients and energy you need for your day, especially for someone with a busy lifestyle.

When preparing a smoothie or Clean shake, it's important to include healthy fats and protein as well, aside from the fruits and veggies. This will help control your blood sugar. For healthy fats you can include nut butters, seeds, nuts, or avocado. For protein we recommend a plant-based protein powder such as Daily Shake or the Cleanse Shake included in Clean 7 and Clean 21. 

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