4 Meal Prep Ideas For A Clean Week (Video)

4 Meal Prep Ideas For A Clean Week (Video)

Watch Coach Ashley below share her useful tips for meal prepping for a clean and healthy week! Planning ahead just a few things in your kitchen and having them ready in your fridge can save a lot of time during the week. Meal prepping allows you to to enjoy your veggies and healthy real foods by simply tossing them together in salads or bowls.

4 Meal prep ideas that come in handy for a clean and healthy week:

1. Rinse and chop veggies right after buying them

Rinse and chop your veggies so you have them ready to use and stored in stainless steel or glass containers in the fridge. That way you have them ready to toss onto your salads, bowls, or roast them in the oven.

2. Batch prepare your veggies for two or more meals at once

If you're going to prepare a salad or bowl, or even roast your veggies, make sure your prepare enough for 2+ meals at once, that way you save time for the next meal and don't need to start from scratch. 

3. Have easy additions on hand 

Some handy additions include as gluten-free almond flour tortillas, pickled veggies, Kalamata olives, or coconut water. Ashley also prepares chickpeas with olive oil, salt, pepper, and dill, then stores them in the fridge to add to her salads. 

4. Make a big batch of brown rice and quinoa

Prepare your rice or quinoa for 3-4 servings at once and have it ready in the fridge. Brown rice or quinoa are a great addition to your bowls since they are great sources of fiber, phytonutrients, and good unrefined carbohydrates. If you want to compare brown rice vs. quinoa, we found this great article on Livestrong.com. We love both!

Watch Coach Ashley in the video below:

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