Cleanse Vs. Detox - What Is The Real Story?

Cleanse Vs. Detox - What Is The Real Story?


Detoxing gets a bad rap. There are countless “detox programs” out there on the market now. Just like anything else, there will be good ones, and there will be bad ones. Of course, here, we talk about our cleanse, and if you’ve tried our signature 21-Day Program, you likely have some thoughts about it. But what is the real story of cleanse vs. detox? For many people, detox translates to juice cleanses, feeling “hangry”, slashing calories, and no fun. However, detoxing is so much more than that.

Detoxification is a process of transformation in our bodies. A detox is an opportunity to get rid of what is no longer serving us, reset, and break bad habits. Its real purpose is to release any toxic overload we may be carrying around.

Don’t Our Bodies Detoxify Constantly?

Yes, our bodies have natural detoxification processes. Our bodies are cleaning house constantly by way of our paths of elimination like the liver, kidneys, lungs, lymph, colon, and skin. Each of these organs works to eliminate excess waste products (or toxins) that are produced by our natural metabolic process. It’s incredible! However, we put a lot of strain on these detoxification organs day-after-day, even if we are eating clean, whole foods.

Research by the Centers for Disease Control found detectable levels of more than 200 environmental chemicals like pesticides, flame retardants and tobacco smoke by-products in the blood and urine of large sample groups. Some of these substances are carcinogens, while others likely mess with hormones and organ function. Environmental toxins are everywhere. When you add these on top of the standard American diet, heavy in processed foods, refined sugars, additives, and preservatives, it’s no surprise that we can feel groggy, tired and inflamed.

Our bodies are equipped to detoxify natural compounds, like a little too much sugar from an indulgent night out. However, they were not designed to process the amounts of toxins in food and the air that we all encounter today. Some chemicals, like those derived from plastics, are stored in our fat cells for years. This is where the argument for detox programs, superfoods, and supplements can be made.

What to Look for in a Well-Rounded Detox Program

Adequate levels of vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber, and healthy fats must be maintained while on a detox. This keeps all systems functioning, encourages healthy elimination, and maintains energy levels, so you can actually complete it.

The 21-day Clean Program sets us up for detoxification success. The program requires that we omit all common food sensitivities and allergens, which drastically minimizes inflammation. In addition to omitting the bad, we flood our bodies with all the good – phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, plant-based fiber, antioxidants, and healthy fats.

The Cleanse Shake provides vitamins and protein to fuel the body, maintain muscle mass and support cellular growth and repair. Combine with some delicious fruits and greens, it also satiates us – bye hangry!

Specific supplements take it to the next level. The liver support is contains antioxidants to support healthy liver function, increasing detoxification. The antimicrobial supplement destroys bad bacteria, fungus, and yeast that get in the way of ultimate health. To round the program out, a strong probiotic and digestive enzymes optimize digestion and gut health, strengthening the immune system, nervous system, and brain.

The Clean Program contains everything necessary for proper detoxification – deprivation-free.

It’s important to also note that here at Clean, we dive deeper into health than purely what you eat. The 21-day Clean Program is truly an emotional and spiritual experience. We often consume sugar, caffeine, and alcohol when we need to change our state of being, whether it is because we are tired, anxious, bored, or sad. Without any of these, our discipline is really tested. We are forced to tap into the underlying cause, which can often lead to a huge awakening. We come out stronger and more resilient.

Most Importantly …

The Clean Program leaves us with information regarding our specific bodies. You will be able to feel what really works for your unique body as you reintroduce some of the common foods that cause sentivities into your life. We break through emotional eating tendencies, poor lifestyle habits, and negative actions that just don’t serve us along our health journey. Healthier, sustainable habits replace our old ones and lead to long-term change.

A detox program is not a quick-fix or a backup plan for shedding some excess weight before a big event. It’s a way to really clean house of both our nutritional habits, as well as our lifestyle habits. We can zero in on what truly makes us feel healthy and vibrant – which can mean making a Cleanse Shake and skipping that weeknight drink to prioritize sleep. If we listen carefully, our bodies provide us with the information we need to reach our health goals.

Written by Hannah Aylward

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