Why You Should Be Taking Digestive Enzyme Supplements

Why You Should Be Taking Digestive Enzyme Supplements


Digestive Enzyme Supplements can be the key to taking your digestion and overall health and wellbeing to the next level. Enzymes are essential for digestion, gut health, and the functioning of essentially every single cell in our bodies. Enzymes even play a role in the healthy functioning of our immune systems.

We all want to feel our best but for many of us, no matter how Clean we eat, we end up feeling bloated and fatigued at the end of our meals. While taking probiotics can help, a little digestive assistance can be the difference between feeling full and feeling stuffed.

Our body’s natural supply of digestive enzymes can be depleted over time due to lifestyle and environmental factors. Diseases, disorders, and certain bodily conditions such as food sensitivities, stress, and the aging process may result in a deficiency of digestive enzymes. Digestive enzymes can help bridge the gap in these deficiencies by improving digestion and overall energy levels.

How Do You Know If You Need Digestive Enzyme Supplements?

Certain digestive disorders can greatly benefit from digestive enzyme supplementation. Some common symptoms associated with a lack of digestive enzymes include that too-full feeling after meals, bloating, gas, undigested food in stool, or stool that floats. If you are undiagnosed and experiencing any of these common symptoms, check with your doctor or visit a functional medicine practitioner in your area. The most concise way to know if you are lacking and in need of digestive enzymes is to have your stool tested.

How Do Digestive Enzyme Supplements Work?

Many digestive enzymes with varying functions are produced in different areas of our bodies. For example, when we chew our food, the digestive enzyme known as amylase is released in our saliva to help break down carbohydrates while lipase breaks down fats.

We suggest eating simple meals and avoid combining foods like animal protein and grains in the same meal. During a cleanse, simple meals of veggies combined with either protein or grains (not both) can help your naturally occurring digestive enzymes work efficiently. When this is not possible, a high-quality digestive enzyme supplement can give your body some relief whether you’re sitting down for a big family meal or a dining out with friends.

What Kind of Digestive Enzyme Supplements Should You Take?

Good digestive enzyme supplements contain a variety of enzymatic ingredients including amylase, protease, lipase, and lactase.

Take enzymes before, during, or after your meal to help with the breakdown of food. Great digestive enzyme supplements should leave you feeling light and energized after a meal — avoiding that too-full-feeling and lethargy.

Digestive enzymes and gut-friendly probiotics also occur naturally in fermented foods such as sauerkraut which can be eaten before or with solid meals to improve digestion.

How Often Should I Take Digestive Enzyme Supplements?

We recommend taking digestive enzymes three times daily with shakes and solid meals while cleansing. Continuing with digestive enzymes post-cleanse can also help your body assimilate during your reintroduction phase.

Outside of cleansing, digestive enzymes are great to take with meals while you’re getting your digestion on track. If your digestion is already in tip-top shape, use digestive enzyme supplements as needed (perhaps at your next not-so-Clean-friendly meal).

Like many other aspects of the Lifestylestyle protocol, digestive enzymes serve as a solution towards reaching your personalized health and wellness goals.

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