Summer Shake Up

Summer Shake Up

Shakes are one of the simplest ways to support your body’s natural ability to cleanse and detoxify. They’re also the easiest way for you to continue the benefits of the Clean Program.

But even if you’ve never done our 21-day program, having a daily shake may be one of your most powerful health tools.

Three Reasons to Have a Daily Shake

#1 Digestive Rest

After the brain, digestion uses the most energy of any system in the body. When you eat food that is already partially “digested” by the blending process, your digestive system has less work to do. This surplus of energy is then freed up for repair and detox.

#2 Diversity

There is no easier way I have found to help my patients add in more, easily digestible fruits and veggies to their diet. From fruits, leafy greens, herbs, and green powders, to healthy fats like coconut oil, and almond butter, to powerful protein shake mixes full of vitamins and minerals, you can literally make a unique, nutrient-rich shake everyday.

#3 Post-Workout Support

During a workout, we create inflammation as our muscles work hard. At the same time we increase our circulation. This makes post-workout a particularly good time to have a nutrient-dense shake. The increased circulation improves absorption of nutrients and helps to replenish nutrients. A good post-workout shake would include protein to help rebuild muscle and antioxidants like berries or a green powder to help reduce oxidation and inflammation.

The Clean System

Shakes are an important part of my Clean System, and they are a major tool in my answer to the common question: How often should I cleanse?

The answer really depends on your daily habits. If you eat mostly clean whole foods, Activity regularly, get enough sleep, and manage your stress levels, a daily shake may be all you need. But since most people don’t eat clean a lot of the time and regularly experience periods of stress and lack of sleep, I recommend the following:


I think of the Clean Year in three parts. Once a year, you take extra time (21 days) to support your body’s natural detox functions. Then you maintain the results with a simple Daily Shake packet.

Now you’re off to a great start. But most likely there will come a time where your healthy eating habits fall to the wayside. At this point, you take 7 days to get your body back on track. I have been using this system for years with patients and getting excellent results.

Three Clean Summer Shake Recipes

The heat is here. Stay cool and nourished with these tasty summer shake recipes.


Coconut Raspberry Smoothie


Tropical Turmeric Tonic


Almond Butter Berry Shake