What To Make For Your Oscar Party

What To Make For Your Oscar Party

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We are always ready for an excuse to throw a party. An Oscar party presents the perfect opportunity to have friends over, try out some fun clean recipes, and drool over all of the celebrity fashion (and hopefully another Jennifer and Brad run-in). And let’s be real here, with the Academy Awards on a Sunday, we aren’t trying to roll into Monday feeling lethargic and bloated.

We rounded up some of our favorite Oscar-worthy healthy dishes and snacks that are a must-have at your award-winning potluck. All of them are totally Clean-approved, just how we like it. AKA we can start off our week feeling prepped and ready to crush the week ahead. Pssst, don’t forget some healthy drink options.

Here are some absolute must-haves for your Oscar party potluck.


Every potluck always has a few dips, cue your aunt’s famous creamy spinach and artichoke dip that actually comes from a packet. Here are our favorite upgraded dips that won’t leave you feeling like you just ate a bucket of cheese.

Healthy Veggie Dip

This healthy veggie dip with roasted carrot and creamy almonds is a perfect nutrient-packed starter. Enjoy it with fresh-cut veggies, or gluten-free crackers (we love Simple Mills and Mary’s Gone Crackers).

Dairy-free Artichoke Dip

Artichoke dip typically doesn’t make the health mark as it normally contains heavy difficult-to-digest ingredients like cheese and mayonnaise. We’ve altered this cheesy, dairy-laden classic to create this (equally addictive) vegan artichoke dip that is free of gluten, dairy, and processed foods. Enjoy it with your favorite vegetable slices, or gluten-free chips.

Toasted Walnut and Parsley Spread

This antioxidant-rich toasted walnut and parsley spread paired with fresh veggies will satisfy savory cravings while also providing your body with valuable nutrients and healthy fats. It’s also a great substitute for french onion dip. We love to spread it on some seedy crackers.


No party is complete without tons of different finger foods. There is something so satisfying about eating with your hands, right? Here are some of our favorite finger foods that we’ll be putting out at our Oscar party.

Easy Vegan Summer Rolls

Don’t be fooled, these vegan summer rolls can be enjoyed all year long. They are filled with colorful, crisp vegetables and served with a rich, creamy sauce. Plus, you’ll get a full assortment of nutrients by loading up on the full rainbow of produce we’ve added to these rolls. Feel free to throw in whatever vegetables you have around the house and/or what’s in season.

Crunchy Kale Chips

So simple. And so delicious. Kale’s texture makes it perfect for creating crunchy chips that don’t fall apart. You’ll find yourself reaching for these cheesy, spiced kale chips again and again. These are the ultimate potato chip replacement – more nutrients, fiber, and vitamins. We’re all about a healthy swap.

Veggie Kabobs with Vegan Tzatziki

These veggie kabobs are so simple and easy. Simply slice up a combination of your favorite vegetables, thread them onto bamboo or metal skewers, and toss them on the grill. We’ve paired them with a cashew-based tzatziki sauce that offers a cool contrast to the charred veggies, making for an irresistible combination.


Having your whole squad over, not just your best friend? You’ll likely need a few crowd-pleasing entrees to make it through all of the awards. Here are some of our favorites that can either be dished out of one-pot/pan making them super easy, or served more build-your-own-bowl style so everyone can choose what they want.

Butternut Squash Mac n Cheese

Gluten-free and dairy-free mac n’ cheese. Need we say more? No powdered cheese and processed noodles here. We’ve created a recipe with the same cheesy flavor, using gluten-free, dairy-free, butternut squash mac and cheese. All the same good flavor, with none of the negative side effects.

Vegan Loaded Sweet Potatoes

This comfort food is usually piled high with ingredients like sour cream, bacon, and cheese. We’ve remade them to be cleanse-approved and equally as delicious. Our version highlights loaded sweet potatoes with spice-rich veggies, heart-healthy oil, and garlic. This traditional got an Oscar-worthy upgrade.

Macrobiotic Bowl

Want to keep it super clean and give everyone a build-your-own option? This macrobiotic bowl is perfect. All you have to do is whip up a big batch of quinoa, steam the different veggies, and whisk together a simple ginger turmeric tahini dressing and let your guests do the rest.

Chicken Wings

If you are looking for something festive but a little more traditional, try our version of spicy chicken wings. These are baked, not fried and are free of preservatives and extra ingredients you might not want hanging around. They pair great with our mac n cheese!


No evening is every complete without dessert. These are the perfect healthy dessert options to make sure the evening ends sweetly, regardless of who wins.

Protein-Packed Black Bean Brownies

We love cacao, and for good reason. You’ll see in featured in our smoothie recipes, Daily Shake, energy bites, in brownies. Raw cacao is one of the highest plant-based sources of antioxidants, beating out blueberries, green tea, and wine. In our opinion, chocolate is a superfood. Your guests will never guess that these fudgy brownies are grain-free, refined sugar-free and packed with fiber and protein.

Ashwagandha Fat Bombs w/ Dark Chocolate Drizzle

Award shows can get stressful as we anticipate who wins the evening’s biggest awards. This is where ashwagandha comes in. As an adaptogen, ashwagandha improves the health of the adrenal system, which is responsible for managing the body’s hormonal response to stress. These ashwagandha fat bombs use almond butter, coconut oil, and cacao to satisfy sweet cravings and keep us calm throughout the night.

Chocolate Avocado Ice Cream

Feel like really impressing your guests? Whip up this chocolate avocado ice cream. Our version of ice cream is completely cleanse-approved and filled with good-for-you ingredients like avocados and raw cacao. Try building an ice cream bar with this as the base, and setting out other toppings like cacao nibs, almond butter, coconut flakes, sliced almonds, and fresh berries.

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Written by Hannah Aylward

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