Kiwi Lime Slushy

Kiwi Lime Slushy


This is a very adjustable recipe, you can always use any kind of frozen fruit and make delicious variations similar to the crazy red and blue slushies you used to find at convenience stores when you were a kid. But we like these ones; healthy “treats” that won’t make your tongue turn weird colors!

This requires you to freeze fruit beforehand, so unless you can find frozen kiwis, you’ll need to do some planning. But it is so worth it, these are delicious and so refreshing! It’s also a wonderful beverage, if you are looking for something interesting to drink on the 21-Day Clean Program.

Serves 1-2

Juice of 1 lime
2 kiwis, peeled, quartered and frozen (ahead of time)
12 oz club soda
4 ice cubes
1/4 tsp stevia leaf powder, or 2-4 drops stevia liquid (to taste)

Place all the ingredients into a blender.

Blend well on high until the ice cubes are mostly broken up. The desired consistency is that of those convenience store slushys, so be mindful not to over-blend.

Pour into a glass and enjoy!